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Episode 2 – Pg 25

Some races tend to be a bit less seen than others, and one of those rarer sights is the Wot. Guugel’s species is very secretive and isolated and generally tends to leave others alone to be left alone. Guugel seems to be quite the oddball – and I do not mean merely regarding his orb-like body.

We get a series first on this page as well, Guugel seems to have clipped a Rapterra in that first panel. As of the current point in the series timeline, the Rapterra have been part of the larger galaxy for less than two years, so they’re not as widespread as say… the Grey. Milo Thench discusses this a bit in a rather inflammatory and frank article in the Silver Spiral Archives. The Rapterra have quickly begun to find themselves drawn to military and mercenary work, especially piracy.

Speaking of the Silver Spiral Archives, a new entry has been uploaded on data-spikes, the technology that is messing with the ship in this story. You can read it right here. The events referred to in the article as also covered in the short story, “The Trench.”

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