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Episode 2 – Pg 28

I try to sneak in cute gags when I can, so Alix acting like a housecat looking out the window? Totally something I wanted to do for a while. Also, raging Mara is always a highlight for me.

Next week will be a new page of “The Ten Triggers” which has recently revealed some important and scary information about the galaxy. It’s pretty important stuff, so if you’re enjoying the universe of Cosmic Dash, be sure to check out the second comic. We’ll be running this alternating schedule for a while. I am expecting late May or early June to return to the weekly updates for both comics.

As for the lore and stories, I recently published a new installment of “The Trench” which is a Dividing War story about Dash’s grandfather, Razaal, that has a connection to this issue of Cosmic Dash. My goal is to add either a new installment of “The Trench” or a lore entry each week. Please yell at me in the comments or Tweet me angry missives demanding updates, please.

Lore updates include Meilo’s favorite shows, an article about a cargo company mired in controversy and fraud, and a recipe for a humble hash. You can always ask questions of Meilo here in the comments or ask me on Twitter and he may answer them. Please give it a try, you never know what insights he may reveal…


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