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Episode 2 – Pg 29

While Guugel has things outside, it seems like Dash is taking care of the inside. Quite the shiner, though. Not the first time he’s had an eye injury. Apparently, those tentacle hits pack quite a punch.

The indoor garden of the ship makes for a nice bit of nature, especially when in space. The garden is primarily taken care of by Guugel. The planter boxes are specially designed to interface with the water and recycling system with automated care, The tree is a Juna tree, which grows a fruit that is very sweet. The glass-encased planter is special as those plants sit in nano-soil, which is a nutrient-rich soil that is filled with special ores that when pulsed with an electrical signal heat or cool in specific ways, giving each of the four plants within the planter their own microclimates. The plants themselves are important utility plants. Totto berries, bubble fungus, croyo weed, and spongemelon all have their specific purposes aboard the ship. All those sound like sources of entries for Meilo Thench, however.

Speaking of, the Silver Spiral Archives did start a special series: An oral history of the Falling Star Syndicate, a criminal organization active in the Silver Spiral Galaxy. The “Ten Triggers” also updated with a shocking revelation that two members of the Lucky Strike are potential triggers to galactic conflict. You’ll need to check the update to see who is on the list. Lastly, a new installment of “The Trench” went up last week. It is a story about Dash’s grandfather in the Dividing War with a link to the current story. I will be working on a new installment of that series this weekend… you know… when I am not watching Wrestlemania.

In non-Cosmic Dash news, my zombie serial, The Dead Life, has returned over at Haunted MTL, so why not give that a read and enjoy some of my comic reviews while you’re there?

As always, please share your thoughts on the comics, stories, or whatever in the comments. Thanks! Next week is Silver Spiral Stories.


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  1. ColdFusion
    ColdFusion September 26, 2022

    alright that is the coolest description of space gardening I’ve ever read.

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