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Episode 2: Pg 3

Episode 2: Pg 3

We’re inside the ship now. Loads of cool stuff ahead.

Make sure to see me this weekend at Long Beach Comic Con if you’re there! I’ll be at booth #1361 with Imagine Everything Studios.

Lastly, please check out the Star’s Rest Cantina on the Cosmic Dash tumblr.

This is a game where you, the users of tumblr RP as a cantina owner who can ask questions and converse with the various alien travelers who sit at your bar. 

At the end of each entry you can send a tumblr note or reblog with your own questions you have for the visitor, which I will then turn into prose. it’s a great way to explore this gigantic universe I’ve created and allows you all to shape these canon narratives. And yes, this is indeed canon.

Pretty rad huh?