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Episode 2 – Pg 34

Part of the fun I have been having with Cosmic Dash lately is being able to really try crazy new poses. I hadn’t had an opportunity to draw such action-driven pages in a while and I really missed that. So if that means I need to stretch out the story a bit to give these moments the energy I want to get across, so be it. I have nobody to report to besides myself. I’m not really getting paid for this, so I should enjoy it. That being said, donations and subscriptions are always a big help. I have been pretty good about delivering content somewhere every week – and it’s good content too.

Silver Spiral Stories updates next week with a new page, then the week after we get back to Cosmic Dash. This back and forth actually feels pretty nice to me. Instead of being overwhelmed by a single-story, I can jump back and forth between them. Imagine having to draw a follow-up page to that massive single-page I did for Galactic Hub Serreven last week.

As for the other deliverables, we’ve had an update this week to The Dead Life and Fang & Mist, so don’t miss those. I have a passion for horror so these projects will stick around for a while – just part of the free stuff I deliver week to week.

RGBots still exist, of course. I took a couple of days off from it this week, but I have a backlog of content I am sitting on.

Also, The Mutant Hours is moving into week six. So don’t miss my radio show – midnight Mondays and Wednesdays, central time. I also have been popping up on Supernatural Selection a lot. My latest appearance was on flying humanoids which aired last night on Deviant Behavior Radio, so until that hits Spotify of your favorite pod-catcher just give “Bigfeet and Sweaty Mens” a listen.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Please drop a comment about the page if you liked it or hated it. I appreciate any interactions I can get. If you want to join me on this crazy comic journey and help me produce content, please consider a subscription.

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