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Episode 2 – Pg 33

We are now less than ten pages to go based on where I am on the script. I have actually expanded the page count beyond my initial outline to expand on the action sequences because I have really enjoyed drawing them. No way I want to half-ass a big fight when I can throw my whole ass into it. Because I am whole-assing everything these days there haven’t been any Cosmic Dash prose updates. I am hoping to change that very soon.

If you haven’t check on Silver Spiral Stories lately, you should, because the first new Galactic Hub Serreven comic in years is currently running. The story was written by Gage Lippolt of Key to the Future’s Fate and I am happy to be back to drawing the characters. We’ll be sticking with the alternating updating schedule between the two comics for now. Kevin has stepped down from inking duties having found his passion for radio so I am back to inking on my own. With that being said, if anyone wants to join the team, I am paying what I can for inking assistance, just drop me a line on the usual channels.

Speaking of radio, my show, The Mutant Hours, has no expanded to a two-hour block and has a dedicated page and Twitter feed. Please give it a listen and let me know what you think. I am also a recurring cohost of Kevin’s podcast Supernatural Selection, so please give that a try if you’re into cryptids and such.

As for everything else I have going – I am doing a lot of work with SEO copywriting and commissions and since I am between semesters with my day job that has kind of taken the priority as, well, I need money to live. If you want to join me in making more comics, consider commissioning me for art or even just donating a buck or two a month on my Ko-fi.

Regarding the other creative output, I have been busy as usual. The Dead Life recently had another update. I have picked up a lot about serialized content online through Tapas, so I am aiming for shorter installments that update more often. We’ll see how that goes. I really do appreciate people nudging me about those updates, so if you follow me on Twitter please yell at me to update my stuff.

Also, regarding Tapas, Fang & Bone” is finished over at Tapas and now “Fang & Mist,” the brand new story, is set to begin on Monday. “Fang & Bone” was the first story I wrote in what I am calling Fang of Triseria, a gothic horror and adventure series about a werewolf warrior of a cursed kingdom. People say that the action scenes are quite well written, so if you like the idea of a werewolf swinging a sword around in a dark fantasy world – please give it a read.

Lastly, RGBots is doing “Public Domain Webcomic” again. You have been warned.

That’s it for this week’s update. Thank you for reading and please consider dropping a comment or observation. Knowing people are reading this stuff really helps me out.

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