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Episode 4: Pg 10

This is Cosmic Dash, Volume 2, Episode 4, Page 10. Wulg and Snix, The Dragon’s enforcers, “petition” the shifta from earlier for information. Shocking! This continues the previous remastered page of “The Cube” and puts everything in line with the text of the recent volume.

In the proper numbering order based on the current numbering system of the comic, this would be CD.2.1.12.However, I have not adjusted the title or how it appears in the archive to keep permalinks preserved and not throw off crawlers. I have included the archived content and original page below the transcript.

The Wootari Bros. – The Dragon’s Enforcers

Wulg and Snix are close associates of “The Dragon,” a criminal underworld figure based on their criminal records, but also have been seen in the presence of Drakar Vadis, leader of DraCo, as workers under his criminal rehabilitation program.

Oddly enough, the rehabilitation doesn’t seem to take for very long.

Still, despite some associations, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would even suggest Drakar Vadis would have anything to do with the criminality of the figure known as The Dragon. After all, Drakar Vadis is a legitimate businessman and philanthropist who just won’t give up on the Wootari Bros., despite their recidivist tendencies.

Episode 4: Pg 10 Transcript

The following is a transcript, Cosmic Dash, Volume 2, Episode 4, Page 10, part of “The Cube” storyarc.

Panel One

Wulg and Snix, The Dragon’s enforcers, stand in a darkened warehouse. Snix carries an orange barrel while Wulg points at the ground in a “set it down” gesture.

Caption: “At an isolated location…”

Panel Two

We see the shifta from earlier slide out of the barrel as Wulg looks on.

Panel Three

The shifta lands on the floor with a splat.

SFX: “Splorp”

Panel Four

Wulg leans over the shifta and points at him accusingly. The shifta is in pieces.

Wulg: “You know why you’re here, right?”

Shifta: “Chlua aula no farga.”

Snix (OS): “I don’t know what that means, brother-”

Panel Five

Snix stands imposingly. He has slipped on some sort of glove with a power pack.

Snix: “But it sure sounded disrespectful.”

Panel Six

Wulg slides on his own glove as he looks up at his younger brother. The shifta looks on.

Wulg: “Gotta Agree with you there, bro.”

Panel Seven

Wulg is tasering the shifta with the glove.


Wulg: “Nyeheheh!”

Shifta: “ACK!”

Panel Eight

Wulg continues to shock the shifta. Sarress Aeven watches from the shadows.


Panel Nine

Wulg and Snix look down toward the shifta. They’re smiling, enjoying the job.

Wulg: “So?”

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Archived Content

CD.2.1.12 - Henchmen - crispy

Man, those Wootari Bros. are jerks. Anyway, I did a little writeup about a Cosmic Dash spinoff and friend and I have wanted to do for a while. You can read all about it at the tumblr as well as see some concept art. If you’re interested in it, you should totally let us know.

My buddies over at Quark Comics are working on a tumblr for our group as well, so keep an eye out there.

In completely unrelated news, I have six DOTA 2 beta keys on Steam that I would like to give out. The first six comments I get with Steam names get a key each.

This week check out the various comics at Cup of Comics.

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