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Episode 4: Pg 11 A (Insert)

This is Cosmic Dash, Volume 2, Episode 4, Page 11 A (Insert) following the tenuous alliance of Pryce, Furghar, and Orthos. This was an insert page added after the two-issue story was completed to add a little more context to the overall story. This continues the previous remastered page of “The Cube” and puts everything in line with the text of the recent volume.

I did some dialogue tweaks, which can be compared to the original version of the page included in the archived content below.

In the proper numbering order based on the current numbering system of the comic, this would be CD.2.1.14. However, I have not adjusted the title or how it appears in the archive to preserve permalinks and not throw off crawlers. I have included the archived content and original page below the transcript.

An Uneasy Alliance

The series has dipped a few times into this uneasy alliance between the Federation and Empire regarding the Cult’s activities. In truth, this joint operation is a tenuous alliance at best, mostly the result of mutual respect between Pryce and Furghar and their pushing for their respective factional involvement. As veteran officers, they command a lot of respect, and their alliance is only maintained by the investigation being secondary to their traditional military maneuvers, as seen in the mention of Furghar on Myac. Orthos’ status is essential to the alliance even being a thing, but with the chip on his shoulder, it could all come tumbling down.

Cosmic Dash, Volume 2, Episode 4, Page 11 A (Insert) Transcript

The following is a transcript of Cosmic Dash, Volume 2, Episode 4, Page 11 A (Insert).

Panel One

Fleet Admiral Arthur Pryce sits at a table in a conference room with Orthos Kabalos and a holographic projection of Admiral Amritas Furghar.

Caption: “Conference Room, Federation Fleet Three Vessel, The Arbiter”

Furghar (Transmission): “I will be attending to affairs on Myac for at least a few more weeks. In the meantime, I expect frequent progress reports on the cult investigation.”

Pryce: “Do you expect them from me, you big blowhard? I’m not one of your lackeys.”

Furghar (Transmission): “No, I expect them from Kabalos. I wouldn’t trust a terran to get me coffee, never mind give an accurate progress report.”

Panel Two

Orthos glowers.

Orthos: “I will report back when I can. I should be out there now, hunting down the cultist-bastards.”

Pryce (OS): “And you shall, orthos. These meetings are just to keep us all up to date.”

Panel Three

Pryce holds up his coffee mug as he explains the reasoning for the meetings.

Pryce: “Coordinating three factions in a galaxy-wide investigation is not easy. Speaking of which… any theories on this GalactiCorp robbery?”

Panel Four

The hologram of Furghar relays his message.

Furghar (Transmission): “I’m thinking space pirates. A simple mercenary job.”

Pryce (OS): “Seems to be the most reasonable answer. How alarming that you and I are on the same page for once.”

Panel Five

Orthos storms away from the conference table.

Orthos: “If that’s all, I have more important things to do than wonder about some damn company getting robbed. I’ll get back to you when I have some new leads.”

Furghar (Transmission): “Charming.”

Panel Six

Pryce leans toward the hologram to annoy Furghar with questions.

Pryce: “So, Furghar, how is Myac? I’ve heard the forests have a golden color… Any Imperial secrets to divulge? Perhaps you want to defect?

Furghar (Transmission): “Suddenly I miss the brooding one.”

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Archived Content

CD.2.1.14 (old) - alliance meeting

One of the new pages added into The Cube in order to bring the page total up to 80 and allow us to keep track of a few things going on during the events of the story. One of the ideas I wanted to explore when I decided to add 8 new pages was to see what some of the other characters were up to and what their reactions might be to the events.

As you can see, Orthos has bigger concerns.

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