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Episode 4: Pg 13

This is Cosmic Dash, Volume 2, Episode 4, Page 13, and there is nothing quite like a little boardroom intrigue to get the blood flowing. This continues the previous remastered page of “The Cube” and puts everything in line with the text of the recent volume.

I did some heavy dialogue tweaks on this page. This page can be compared to the original version of the page included in the archived content below.

In the proper numbering order based on the current numbering system of the comic, this would be CD.2.1.16. However, I have not adjusted the title or how it appears in the archive to preserve permalinks and not throw off crawlers. I have included the archived content and original page below the transcript.

Sports of the Silver Spiral Galaxy

We have another reader question this week, this time from Ghostforge at the Cosmic Dash channel in my Discord. Ghostforge asks: “What are the 3 most popular sports in the setting?”

While every faction and culture has its favorites, there are some sports that are popular all over the galaxy. The first is Zero-G racing, which Kracker is a major fan of. Zero-G racing is a form of high-speed racing in anti-gravity vehicles across twisting and looping tracks. The racing culture has resulted in dozens of competing leagues and three governing bodies jockeying for influence in the sport. Zero-G drivers are often larger than life, and their custom vehicles are heavily merchandised.

Martial arts are another universally beloved form of sport in the setting, and there are numerous sanctioned and unsanctioned organizations and tournaments in different systems. Largely speaking, the most marketed and universally recognized is Karan’tel Combat. This organization is intensely regulated and followed by most. Of course, underground fighting organizations exist as well…

Battle Ball is another beloved sport across the galaxy and perhaps the most subject to variation due to how it is played. There are many regional variants, but the key gameplay element is that two teams face one another in an arena and fight for possession of a special ball that must be deposited into a goal. However, the arenas vary wildly, and gimmicks are common. Additionally, movement around the arena can present major challenges which necessitate well-balanced teams of different physical attributes. However, the biggest challenge in Battle Ball is that to score, a team must hit a sequence of three targets with the ball to open the goal. Thus, games can become drawn-out affairs as sequences reset depending on possession of the ball switching.

Cosmic Dash, Volume 2, Episode 4, Page 13 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Cosmic Dash, Volume 2, Episode 4, Page 13.

Panel One

Overhead view of the GalactiCorp boardroom in the GalactiCorp headquarters on Galactic Hub Serreven. The eleven board members sit at a long table.

Miles Tego: “Have there been any signs in the black market?”

Gerald Ellis: “Nothing but knockoffs of our products.”

Walter Kimney: “Radiation traces?”

Board Member A: “Few. We’ve checked many ports and have agents searching others.”

Board Member B: “This is very, very bad.”

Board Member C: “We need to get more factional involvement!”

Panel Two

Kimney sits at the boardroom table, he has a hand raised as he conveys a question.

Board Member D: “We’re pulling a lot of favors with the factions already…”

Kimney: “Why not go public with the detection data? Any spacer’s kit has radiation detection.”

Panel Three

Ellis has turned to Kimney.

Ellis: “And what if someone suddenly realized that it’s worth billions? It’s decades of research gone to the highest bidder.”

Panel Four

CEO Miles Tego looks agitated and stares off, contemplating.

Tego: “It seems as if there are no good solutions here… How could this be worse?”

Panel Five

A kemezeckian secretary approaches.

Secretary: “Mr. Tego, you have a call from Mr. Vadis. He wishes to offer assistance in the search.”

Tego: “Sigh. Just what we need. Tell him I will call back. Try to sound optimistic.”

Secretary: “Yes, sir.”

Panel Six

Ellis and Kimney argue.

Ellis: “That overgrown lizard is laughing at us, I know it.”

Kimney: “He strikes me as a reasonable sort. Besides, he has just as much to lose as we do if projects can be so easily stolen.”

Panel Seven

Ellis smirks.

Ellis: “Go back to your carnival, Kimney.”

Panel Eight

Kimney fixes Ellis with a hard stare.

Panel Nine

Kimney rises from the table. He is going to leave the boardroom.

Kimney: “Miles, you’ll excuse me…”

Tego: “Of course, Walter. We’ll keep you updated.”

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Archived Content

CD.2.1.16 - boardroom old

Hey look, Kimney is back!

Today I feel like sending you to Between Failures. Probably because the author and I play Animal Crossing and visit each other’s towns.

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