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Episode 4: Pg 14

This is Cosmic Dash, Volume 2, Episode 4, Page 14. We have Marken in crisis, but we also get a glimpse at him as a baby! Awwww. This continues the previous remastered page of “The Cube” and puts everything in line with the text of the recent volume.

I had to make no real tweaks to this page. Go me!

In the proper numbering order based on the current numbering system of the comic, this would be CD.2.1.17. However, I have not adjusted the title or how it appears in the archive to preserve permalinks and not throw off crawlers. I have included the archived content and original page below the transcript.

Reader Question: Which species has the cutest babies?

This week’s question comes from the creator of Key To The Future’s Fate, and it is surprisingly well-timed, especially as we have a baby on this very page!

So it is pretty hard to figure out what baby form of any of the species is most adorable. I haven’t drawn many of them. We do have baby Marken on this page, and I think that based on the generally accepted standards for “cute” for us as a species, any of the furry-adjacent aliens probably have very cute babies. So that would probably be the Furnesean and Astro-Moles for sure. If they’re gonna remind you of puppies and kittens as a baby, then they’re the best bet.

I personally think baby reptiles are adorable, so I wouldn’t count out the Terrekin, Repton, or even the Blassnaughts, either.

Cosmic Dash, Volume 2, Episode 4, Page 14 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Cosmic Dash, Volume 2, Episode 4, Page 14.

Panel One

Inside Marken’s quarters on the Lucky Strike. He is pacing around the room, smoking a pipe and studying a data tablet. The room is very dark, and his goggles are off.

Caption: Marken’s Quarters

Marken: “Sigh.”

Panel Two

Marken is exasperated and looks toward the ceiling.

Marken: “I can’t even make sense of this itinerary anymore.”

Panel Three

Marken is holding the tablet away from him as a message from Mara pings.


Marken: “Augh!”

Panel Four

Marken studies the tablet and furrows his brown.

Marken: “More data!”

Panel Five

His pipe is back in his mouth. He looks over at a dresser and a framed photo resting on top.

Panel Six

The framed photo depicts his parents and a baby Marken.

Marken: “Is this really what you wanted for me? Stress headaches?”

Panel Seven

Marken takes a puff from his pipe as he heads out of his quarters.

Marken: “Ech. I do my best thinking in the kitchen.”

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Archived ContentCD.2.1.17 old featuring baby Marken

Marken was an adorable baby.

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