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Episode 5: Pg 15

Uh oh. What does Blu have planned? Whatever it is I am sure it’s gonna really going to shake things up.

Also, ion guns have paralytic settings, hence Brik’s leg going limp. The Lucky Strike crew clearly isn’t wanting to kill anyone.

Lately I’ve been thinking about doing a Cosmic Dash soundtrack playlist on Youtube or Spotify. Anyone interested in something like that, or maybe even have some suggestions? When I think of Cosmic Dash I think of Electronic, Symphonic, Atmospheric, and New Wave/Synthpop. Any suggestions are definitely welcome. Might be fun to also create a page on a site with a listing and some notes on the songs in addition to links to everyone who made a suggestion that I used. Want an example of a Cosmic Dash song?

Definitely a Dash and Mara theme I think.

Anyway, I should have a new short story chapter up soon. I have spring break next week, so I can get that finished up with some new art. If you want to send me a drawing of Kracker to include I’d love to do so.



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