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Volume 4 Episode 2 – Pg 41

Actions have consequences, apparently. You aren’t looking too good there, Guugel. Both our characters here are looking worse for wear, that is for sure. That being said, Dash is no stranger to injuries. Volume 2 was particularly unkind to him.

Sorry for the delay on this comic page. Life can be tricky. I think I will have more time to work over the coming weeks. This is, of course, Cosmic Dash “Battle At Foragetti Plains” (Vol. 4 Ep.2, page 41). I actually have a little treat in the Discord regarding this issue. I ended up deleting an entire scene because I reworked an element of this issue. You can learn about the deleted scene and view the script there. I have been posting all sorts of cool stuff there, such as comics, drawings, and even previews of an upcoming project.

Plus, you can see my favorite memes.

Beyond that be sure you take the time to check out the latest page of Galactic Hub Serreven.

Galactic Hub Serreven page notice

Other Projects

I have been busy on other fronts, specifically audio and podcasts. Hit a couple of milestones, actually.

First, my Chucky podcast, Kids’ Stuff, hit episode 10 and finished covering the first season of the Chucky TV show. That has been a lot of fun and I have more episodes on the way, but I am not doing them weekly, now. That was just for the TV show. You can, of course, catch that show on Spotify.

I am still super active over at Supernatural Selection and excited to be doing more episodes. We also have some cool features on the way, including custom monster drawings by me. We are doing drawings for patrons and the hosts. Here are two of them so far.

I also started researching my new series of episodes this month, which is going to be great. I have 4 books to work with for that one. I’ll be spilling the secrets on Nostradamus.

Be sure to join the Supernatural Selection Discord for all the details and learn about upcoming episodes.

In other news, my weekly radio show, The Mutant Hours, is rapidly approaching week 30. That is a pretty huge milestone for me and I’ve been retooling the show a bit to introduce some cool new stuff when week 30 hits. I can’t wait to share what I have in store.

Page Summary

Panel One: Dash is lying down in the medbay, hours later. He is bandaged on his arms, cheek, and eye.

Panel Two: Dash wakes up.

Dash: “Ugh.”

Panel Three: Dash seems annoyed.

Guugel (OS): “Apparently your tech saved your wrist from being broken.”

Dash: “Completely shattered three weeks of work… fark.”

Panel Four: Dash winces as he looks over his injuries.

Dash: “You should have seen it, Guugel. It was perfect, the tech worked so well.”

Guugel (OS): “Your strength isn’t your tech, Dash. it’s your mind, body, and spirit.”

Dash: “You’re one to talk.”

Panel Five: Dash studies his injured hand.

Dash: “You have your psychic abilities I can never understand. All these months, keeping them secret. You have so much-”

Panel Six: Dash turns to the bed next to him and sees a heavily injured Guugel.

Dash: “… power.”

Guugel: “Power?”

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