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Volume 4 Episode 2 – Pg 40

Welcome back to Cosmic Dash with “Battle At Foragetti Plains” (Vol. 4 Ep.2, page 40). We are about a stone’s throw from the resolution of this story. But let’s acknowledge the mysterious wizard in the room. He has popped up a couple of times in the series, but this has been his most significant appearance yet.

This mysterious wizard character is Eron Cameya and he knows a lot about what is going on. Odder, though? He is accompanied by a familiar robot, but different in a lot of ways. It makes you wonder how this will play out.

But enough about mysterious wizards! If you’ve not checked in on Silver Spiral Stories be sure that you catch the latest page. No mysterious space wizards, but there is a mysterious series of deaths. Hm.

Silver Spiral Stories Update 80 Link

Site Changes

You are likely to see a number of changes on the site in the coming months. I am going to be leveraging my recent SEO experience to rewrite many pages on-site to help search engines index what I have. I also will be going through the archive of comics and expanding the commentary and, ideally, doing page transcriptions.

With that being said… any content you want to see in the expanded author’s notes in the archive? Please let me know.  It will be a slow process, but it is a definite investment for success as well.

In a more general update, be sure to review the updated Canon and Timeline page. Lots of new, interesting information has been added.

Page Summary

Panel One: Eron Cameya takes in the battle below from the cliffside, behind him, Maximillian stands patiently.

Eron: “Gotta say, that was a good fight.”

Maximillian: “Does it bother you that we can’t help them?”

Panel Two: Eron smiles.

Eron: “Who says I didn’t?”

Panel Three: Blu excitedly is waving around the sword, Learned.

Panel Four: Blu is alarmed as the sword seems to blip out of his hands.


Panel Five: Eron sits on the cliffside, in his right hand Learned has returned to its scabbard, his left hand makes a gesture with his index and middle fingers paired together. Behind Eron, Maximillian leans in.

Maximillian: “You’re making these rules up as you go, aren’t you?”

Eron: “What can I say?”


Panel Six: Eron has Learned resting on his shoulder. He is still doing the two-finger gesture with his left hand.

Eron: “I must have misplaced Learned. Happens all the time.”

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  1. ColdFusion
    ColdFusion September 26, 2022

    Ohoooo very nice! That really was a tense bit..

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