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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Log

Volume 4 Episode 3 – Log

Hello, and welcome to the latest Cosmic Dash update; we are back with the Volume 4 Episode 3 – Log page that sets up this new story.

Cosmic Dash Update

Speaking of new stories, there is finally a new installment of “The Trench,” a story that follows Razaal Kameku, also known as Dash’s grandfather. Check it out after you catch this update.

Also, on Twitter, I did a fun little retrospective post about a particular series of pages in the series I love. So be sure to check it out.

Otherwise, this is an admittedly lighter update because it is mostly text, but we get a sense of where we are starting post-battle of Foragetti Plains, and we also get a name for the mysterious new villain.

Well, please enjoy this Cosmic Dash update.

Volume 4 Episode 3 – Log  Transcript

The Battle of Foragetti Plains is over, but the aftermath lingers…

The crew of the Lucky Strike II, through the extraordinary efforts of engineer Dash Kameku and security officer Guugel, has succeeded in defending themselves from a small fleet of space pirates and has saved a colony that was under space pirate control.

However, Dash is injured, and Guugel is in a coma. The Lucky Strike II is also damaged due to the pirates’ actions. As a result, the crew cannot leave the planet Vumba yet. As part of the crew recovers, captain Mara Senten and quartermaster Alix Motari each have their tasks that require their attention.

Secretive tasks.

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