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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 22

Welcome back to Cosmic Dash for volume 4, episode 3, page 22 of “Ladies’ Fight,” where this temporary partnership isn’t going well. It seems Mara and Illyana each have something to prove. They seem to be under fire through a hail of bullets, though. Why bullets in sci-fi? Find out in the lore later on in the post.

If you haven’t seen the current mini-comic at, you can check it out here. The comic will spend some time with Drakar Vadis, but this first page features the first canon appearance of Emperor Empharimus Zartul.

SSS Update 110 - no bullets in sci-fi setting on this page

I was working on some lore material over the week, but I couldn’t complete it due to some scheduling issues. Wish me luck as I work on them this week – with that said, it is a summer session, so my teaching job occupies my attention.

As far as other updates, here’s some stuff I can share.

Bullets in Sci-fi?

While a lot of the comic’s weaponry looks energy-based, that’s not the only type of weaponry in the setting. Typically, guns in the Silver Spiral Galaxy tend to be based on plasma bolts, ionic energy, or good old-fashioned slugs – how I refer to bullets in sci-fi – based on some other settings.

Typically, I tread projectiles and shielding with a rock-paper-scissors-type system regarding defenses. Body armor is great for holding off slugs. Energy shields hold off plasma bolts. Energy dampeners hold off ionic blasts.

Slugs are always an option on the battlefield and are usually fired off using railgun mechanics. Though weaker, combustion-based guns exist, often favored by space pirates and colonists for their ease of use and availability.

This automated turret is of the latter, combustion-based variety.

Vol. 4, Ep. 3, “Ladies’ Fight,” page 22 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Cosmic Dash. This is Vol. 4, Ep. 3, “Ladies’ Fight,” page 22.

Panel One

Mara Senten and Illyana Mordon have traversed into the gully down a sloping path with occasional paving stones. Illyana has her rifle drawn, while Mara is dual wielding her blasters. They glance at one another.

Panel Two

Illyana side-eyes Mara with a strained smile. She is sweating a bit.

Panel Three

We have an overhead view of the women. Illyana picks up her pace, stepping ahead of Mara. Mara notices.

Panel Four

Mara now returns a strained smile toward Illyana, her weapons raised. Mara is sweating as well.

Panel Five

We return to the overhead view and see that Mara has accelerated past Illyana.

Panel Six

Mara and Illyana are now neck and neck- walking toward the homestead. They are glancing annoyedly at one another.

Panel Seven

Mara and Illyana simultaneously step on a paving stone, and there is an audible click from a trap.


Panel Eight

A buried turret erupts from the ground and unleashes a hail of bullets.



Panel Nine

Mara and Illyana dive out of the way as several bullets hit the ground at their feet. They dive in opposite directions. An alarm blares in the air.


SFX: Ping! Ping! Ping!

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See you next week at for another page of the Drakar Vadis mini-comic.

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