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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 23

As we pick up from last week, we have a RatFink! Mara and Illyana weren’t expecting a speed demon here on Cosmic Dash, Vol. 4, Ep. 3, “Ladies’ Fight,” page 23. All that, plus a shield generator.

Thankfully, they have a bike on hand, but with a shielded car, it’s pretty unclear how they will take this guy down. Also, you have to wonder what Ij Far wants with him.

Anyway, here are some updates. Then we’ll get into the shield generator.


In case you missed the last update at, Drakar Vadis is up to something on the Imperial homeworld.

Drakar Vadis picking his teeth. Too bad they don't have shield generators for teeth.
Drakar picks his teeth like any humanoid dragon would.

My apologies for the hiatus. I hit a stretch of burnout from a confluence of things, but I am shaking those cobwebs off now. I am also deep into the RGBots archive attempting to fill in the remaining year’s worth of comics on the site since the comic isn’t on Twitter/X anymore. Not making any promises about updating much – too much going on, but I am brainstorming things constantly for what it is worth.

Also, Supernatural Selection has done many updates, so catch up there. I only have to talk there a few hours a week, which is pretty nice.

Shield Generators

Shield generators are a common tech item for civilians and the military alike and have become ubiquitous in a galaxy of uncertainty and danger, such as meteors. They also have become very portable. They first began to shine during the dividing war as ways to dampen plasma and ion bolts but were still fairly vulnerable to kinetic rounds.

As far as I envision, shields in the Silver Spiral Galaxy function similarly to those in other sci-fi properties like Star Wars and Dune – generators refresh their energy at a high rate, dampening energy that hits the field. However, slower sources of attack with mass, such as kinetic rounds and blades, can force their way through. Similar, but not exactly like some of those other shields in sci-fi stories.

Volume 4, Episode 3, “Ladies’ Fight” – Page 23 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Cosmic Dash. This is Vol. 4, Ep. 3, “Ladies’ Fight,” page 23.

Panel One

A sudden smashing of a rat-rod-style car through boards of a mineshaft. The car gets air.



Panel Two

A slauve with pale greenish skin is driving. He looks toward his would-be attackers and laughs, his orange tongue waggling mockingly out of his mouth.

Slauve: HAHA!

Panel Three

Illyana Mordon is caught by surprise!

Panel Four

Mara Senten is caught by surprise!

Panel Five

Mara has already jumped on to engage the hoverbike as Illyana barely hops on, her gun raised in the air.

Illyana: He’s getting away!

Mara: I can catch him!

Panel Six

Mara is driving as Illyana aims with her rifle, firing a shot.


Panel Seven

The shots dissipate harmlessly across the surface of a shield generator. The slauve laughs.

Illyana: He has a shield generator!

Slauve: Ha Ha



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