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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 4

Welcome back to We continue with Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 4 of “Ladies’ Fight” featuring Dash, Dorian, and a drunk Kracker. This is the 379th update.

Kracker’s appearance here takes place shortly after the first part of “Soar” and the second installment will get him to this point, here. That story will get at the heart of why Kracker is drunk here. Also, we see Dash continue to be a terrible patient.

Cosmic Dash Updates

Last week’s update at was a double update. We had a special Pride-focused One-Piece in addition to the first page of a Nightlifers story.

Serreven Update #94 - no drunk here

This Nightlifers story is“On The Horizon,” written by Deft Beck, illustrated by a mutual friend of ours, Footfoxxy, and colored by me. Please note that Footfoxxy’s Twitter account is not safe for work.

Nothing else to report at the moment. Busy prepping a six-week Summer class, so that has me pretty harried at the moment.

Kracker – Drunk Pilot

Kracker has been known to drink in the comic quite a bit, as his flask has been a bit of a common sight throughout the previous three volumes of the comic. He is likely an alcoholic, but he seems to manage it. Downtime tends to be when his drinking is at its worst, particularly when he is dealing with a personal issue.

We’ll be uncovering the origins of this soon.

As for how the drinking affects his job, he has managed to keep himself ready to fly. He does not drink to impairment unless he knows he’ll have downtime. When he is not flying, he does have a bit of a buzz, but some days are worse than others. Between energy stims, coffee, and koba, he can sober up fairly quickly.

Dorian does have some justifiable worries, though. This is the most drunk he has been in a while.

Cosmic Dash Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 4 Transcript

Here is the Cosmic Dash Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 4 Transcript.

Panel One

Dash has had the tablet taken away from him. Dorian scowls.

Dash: “Ow! Alright, alright.”

Panel Two

Dash notices a sound.

Voice: “*Grumble*”

Panel Three

Kracker’s hand rises from over the side of the med-bed. A liquor flash is visible.

Panel Four

Kracker pulls his face up to the side of the bed. He looks worn out.

Kracker: “Ugh.”

Panel Five

Dash looks at Kracker, who is slumped over the bed.

Dash: “Kracker! What are you doing here?”

Kracker: “Whoops. Dozed off.”

Panel Six

Dorian is reaching for something above him in the foreground. In the background, Dash and Kracker are reacting to his comments.

Dorian: “He’s been here since last night. Drunk off his feathered butt.”

Panel Seven

Kracker scowls a bit with his flask in hand.

Kracker: “A lot to process lately.”

Panel Eight

Kracker hands Dash the flask. They had dopey expressions on their faces.


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