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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 3

Welcome back to Here is the latest comic, Volume 4, Episode 3, Page 3 of “Ladies’ Fight.” This is the 378th page of the main series.

Dash and Dorian discuss the nature of Guugel’s current form. Dash doesn’t know how to actually stop working.

Cosmic Dash Updates

In case you missed last week’s update at, “Soar” part one is over. We’ll return to Kracker’s past shortly after the next story, Nightlifers written by Deft Beck and illustrated by Fil (NSFW). I may also have an extra surprise tucked in. We’ll see if I can manage it.

Anyway, check out the last page of “Soar” by clicking the image.

Not much to report on otherwise. Wrapped up teaching for the spring, and summer classes start in a couple of weeks, so I hope that leaves me time to do more illustration work. We’ll see.

On the Medical Scanner…

Dorian’s medical scanner has popped up a couple of times since being introduced in Volume 3, Episode 3. It is also known as a diagnostic wand, but that is mostly due to the profile and usage. it is a scanning device that uses a few sensors that allows a medic or physician to scan and diagnose a patient remotely. The device is synced to the medical professional’s mobile through a special application that is connected to the onboard medical software suite of the medbay.

Dorian’s medical scanner was a gift from Kracker during the events of Signing Bonus, which was the brief novella that followed the time after GalactiCorp purchased Lucky Strike Transport from Marken. Since then Dorian has kept it quite handy.

The scanner actually was a plot device in the first issue of volume four, “Special Delivery” as it had gone missing from the medbay and Dorian searched the ship for it, eventually stumbling upon the kemezeckian stowaways as a result. Though the actual “borrowing” of the scanner by Dr. Fyean occurred at the end of Volume 3, Episode 3, “FTL.”

Cosmic Dash Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 3 Transcript

Here is the transcript for Cosmic Dash: Volume 4, Episode 3, Page 3.

Panel One

Dash and Dorian are in the background, looking at the pod containing Guugel, in the foreground.

Dash: “Any news?”

Dorian: “Not really. Wots aren’t forthcoming about their bodies and processes.”

Panel Two

Dorian approaches the comatose Guugel, his medical scanner in hand. He has set Dash’s tablet at Dash’s feet.

Dorian: “Even though Guugel was pretty quick with his mobile he didn’t give me any idea he was capable of this.”

Panel Three

Dorian has the medical scanner pointed at the pod, which sits on the medibed.

Dorian: “As far as I can tell, he is in there, alive, and it seems to be healing him. His signs are stable, but weak. I’m noticing some improvement, but I just don’t know.”

Panel Four

Dash has a confident look on his face.

Dash: “You’re a good doc, kid. I know you’re doing everything you can.”

Panel Five

Dorian is glancing back over his shoulder at Dash. He has his mobile synced to his medical scanner.

Dorian: “I appreciate-”

Panel Six

Dash is in pain, trying to manipulate his tablet with his slung arm. Dorian is angry at him.

Dash: “Owowowow…”


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  1. ColdFusion
    ColdFusion September 27, 2022

    Just how it was when I broke my arms haha

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