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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 8

We are back with Cosmic Dash: Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 8, following Mara and Alix. This page of “Ladies’ Fight” showcases another one of those strange cars that shows up in the comic here and there, but more on that later. This page is #383.

Cosmic Dash Updates

The Nightlifers story, “On the Horizon” is now complete and can be read from the beginning, or if you’ve been keeping up and haven’t seen the latest page, you can view it here. This was the 98th update over at

This story was written by Deft Beck with illustrations by Footfoxxy (NSFW Twitter) and colored by myself. This won’t be the last of Tito, Henke, and the rest of the Nightlifers crew.

Silver Spiral Stories #98 - no cars in this update

Not much to report on, otherwise, besides the continuing remastering of “The Cube” continues to move forward.

On Cars in the Silver Spiral Galaxy

So, for this being a sci-fi comic set in another galaxy, there have been funky little cars that have appeared from time to time. Most of them are kind of clunky and boxy, but there are some that have a little more class. Wheeled vehicles seem to be the most practical solution to a lot of transportation on planets, especially when hover systems and other infrastructure tend to be more limited.

Think of it this way: Wheels tend to be pretty adaptable to a lot of terrains. In a colony where you may not have access to large amounts of power or regular supply shipments, a wheel is a practical choice for moving stuff around. Most cars tend to be kit-bashed in a sense. Basic kits exist and can be mass-produced pretty easily, but many colonists will take parts from different kits to customize a vehicle for their specific needs.

The reason the Lucky Strike II crew has a hoverbike, as seen in the previous issue, is that Dash and Kracker spent time customizing what was a cheap, wheeled scooter into a hoverbike. In truth, what remains of the original scooter doesn’t amount to much at all. However, they can do this because of the resources they have access to, the part-fabrication kit on the ship, and the fact they are both incredibly smart.

For most colonists though, most cars are improvised models cobbled together with what they have or brought with them, tailored for specific tasks.

Cosmic Dash: Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 7 Transcript

This is the transcript of Cosmic Dash: Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 7.

Panel One

Mara and Alix are walking through Ferrow’s Hope. They pass the depot where Dash had stopped in the previous issue.

Alix: “Do you think they would notice?”

Mara: “I don’t think so. At the rate they probably go through formacyte here their records might be a mess. Especially after dealing with the pirates.”

Alix: “I see.”

Panel Two

Alix and Mara have stopped at a pair of intersections in the dirt road. A sign points out a bar and a colonial car sits on the road.

Mara: “So… 30 hours.”

Alix: “It seems so. Do you feel Toucair is capable of fixing the computer system on the ship?”

Mara: “I’ve known him for years. Amazing pilot and programmer.”

Alix: “I see. He seems a little…”

Panel Three

Alix has her arms crossed. Her ears twitch as she is trying to find the right thing to say. Mara looks on.

Alix: “… well…”

Panel Four

Alix mimes drinking with a hand. Mara holds her hand against her face expressing reluctance.

Alix: “‘Glug-glug.'”

Mara: “Ah, that.”

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  1. ColdFusion
    ColdFusion September 27, 2022

    Oh diggity, I’m caught up! well then time to add this to the daily check.. and I guess read these side stories!

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