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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 9

Sorry about the delay, but here we are with Volume 4, Episode 3. This is page 9 of “Ladies’ Fight,” and Mara and Alix continue to come to terms with one another and their respective roles. These two women seem to be sizing one another up while trying to remain as non-hostile as possible.

Alix’s dual role as corporate rep and ship’s quartermaster is difficult to navigate.

Speaking of Alix, she was also the subject of the last Silver Spiral Stories update, illustrated by Kevin McKracken, so be sure to check it out in case you missed it.

SSS.99 - More of Alix, the quartermaster

The Vol. 2 remaster will slow down for the next week but should resume with four pages next week, so please keep an eye out. If you want to see where it left off, you can see the current page of the remaster right here.

Alix, The Quartermaster

Alix Motari facilitates two roles with Lucky Strike Transport. Her contract is for her work as a GalactiCorp representative placed on the ship. This role was a compromise between Kimney and the board of GalactiCorp, led by his chief antagonist, Gerald Ellis (You may remember his introduction in “The Cube” or his second appearance in “Under New Management”). Alix is there to be sure the crew’s activities adhere to the management principles of GalactiCorp, which serves as oversight for the ship.

Her other duty, which she vastly prefers, is as the ship quartermaster. Usually, quartermasters are associated with military operations. However, spacers generally adopt the terms and roles of a ship without a military structure required. Alix is a strong negotiator and manages the internal inventory of the ship, arranging for supply and trade on behalf of the crew. While the ship is responsible for ferrying GalactiCorp tech and cargo to various sites as internal, specialized transport, the crew is free to engage in mercantile operations as they see fit.

Volume 4, Episode 3 – Page 9 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Cosmic Dash Volume 4, Episode 3, “Ladies’ Fight,” page 9.

Panel One

Mara seems to be focused on her thoughts regarding Kracker.

Mara: “Don’t get me wrong, Kracker does drink quite a bit. I know it isn’t something I should be overlooking… But he’s also suffering from some real, chronic pain. He broke his wings as a kid. He can’t fly like other parracks.”

Panel Two

Alix, the quartermaster, has her arms crossed, keeping her body language neutral, but she does look concerned. Mara is still lost in thought.

Alix: “I’m… sorry to hear that. That has to be awful for him.”

Panel Three

High-angle view of Alix and Mara as they continue talking.

Mara: “But his drinking never gets in the way of anything, honestly.”

Alix: “For the most part.”

Mara: “I really do wish he’d dial it back, but it is the only thing that seems to manage the pain.”

Panel Four

Alix grows serious for a moment, a hand raised.

Alix: “I would hate to go corporate on him, but that can be a real problem for us down the road.”

Panel Five

Mara is concerned she said too much.

Mara: “Shit.”

Panel Six

Alix waves off Mara’s concern in a friendly gesture.

“Alix: Relax. I’ve picked up enough in my time with you all to see that you manage quite well. I’m on his side.”

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  1. ColdFusion
    ColdFusion November 2, 2022

    Aw good, I was worried she wasn’t nice.

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