Month: May 2013

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Episode 4: Pg 10

Man, those Wootari Bros. are jerks. Anyway, I did a little writeup about a Cosmic Dash spinoff and friend and I have wanted to do for a while. You can read all about it at the tumblr as well as see some concept art. If you’re interested in it, you should totally let us know. My …

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Episode 4: Pg 9

I did a drawing of some of the characters from Accursed Dragon, and it was posted today. Check out the comic! So, Arrested Development is coming back on Sunday. In the rather meaty mouth manipulations of Tobias Funke – Huzzah! This week check out Weesh.

Episode 4: Pg 8

Hey, space pirates! What do a Blassnaught, Two Repton, Slauve, and Tentachlid have in common? They are all pretty big jerks. I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far. It’s fairly ambitious on my end because it is spending so much time away from the main characters, but I suspect it is worth …

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Episode 4: Pg 7

The concept of kings and queens of space pirates is a relatively deceptive one, as leaders are elected to the position. Of course being able to strong arm another band or two into submission is a great way to acquire votes in one’s favor. Basically we’re looking at something a bit similar to the system of leadership …

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Episode 4: Pg 6

Artificial newscasters are a popular trend in the galaxy at this point as they’re less likely to flub up, and their emotive faces are generally considered to be more honest than most “living” news folk. It also helps that these newscasters can be run constantly with no breaks. They still can’t predict the weather, however. …

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