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Episode 4: Pg 8

This is Cosmic Dash: Volume 2, Episode 4, Page 8, where we are technically re-introduced to Vid Seng’s crew of space pirates and how they fit into the overall events regarding “The Cube.” There is a fun joke here. “Black” Mab was asked for her “best pirates,” and this group didn’t get the transmission. Hmm. It makes you think.

There was no need for an art overhaul on this page, as the original file had no issues. Hooray for small miracles. I simply updated the text and dialogue balloons with a few small re-writes. This should bring the page in line with the previous and most recent pages.

Based on the current numbering system, this page would be CD.2.1.10. However, I have not adjusted the title or how it appears in the archive to keep permalinks preserved and not throw off crawlers. I have included the archived content and original page below the transcript.

All about the Space Pirates

When Illyana Mordon explains that Vid’s captainship is temporary, there is some backstory as he was never formally voted into the position. As it stands, Vid was the first mate on the ship under the previous captain, who died. Vid has only been captain for the past few months. Captainship is generally decided by votes, and Vid’s job security may be doubtful.

As for the events that led to them losing their captain… we’ll see about that one day.

Cosmic Dash Vol. 2, Episode 4: Pg 8 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Cosmic Dash, Vol. 2, Episode 4, page 8.

Panel One

The crew of the Thruster Spear is dining in the ship’s common room. They are messy eaters. Miria and Quell seem to be in an unknown conversation.

SFX: “Briiiiiiiiing! Briiiiing!”

Vid Seng: “It was my idea to knock over that cargo ship, share that glar-steak!”

Brik Targent: “Nope!”

Vid: “I’m your captain!”

Illyana Mordon: “Vid, message. Get it.”

Panel Two

Vid is frustrated. The transmission notice continues to sound.

SFX: “Briii-”

Vid: “You can’t order the captain around!”

Panel Three

Illyana does not seem to care about his protests, she is holding a large bottle of alcohol. The ringing continues.

SFX: “-iiiii-”

Illyana: “Watch me. Besides, you’re only the “captain” until -”

Panel Four

Illyana passes out, drunk. She snores loudly. The ringing continues.”

SFX: “-iing!”

Illyana: “Zzzzzzz- Snrk.”

Panel Five

Vid is on the bridge at a console, his feet are propped up on it. A pirate is transmitting to him.

Vid: “Ech. What do you want, Tyeal?”

Tyeal (transmission): “‘Ey Viddy, want to swamp some information?”

Vid: “On what?”

Panel Six

Tyeal is mocking him.

Tyeal: “Wait. You didn’t get the all-sound? Awkward.”

Panel Seven

Vid is intrigued and concerned.

Vid: “What all-sound?”

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Archived Content

CD.2.1.10 - old

Hey, space pirates! What do a Blassnaught, Two Repton, Slauve, and Tentachlid have in common? They are all pretty big jerks.

I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far. It’s fairly ambitious on my end because it is spending so much time away from the main characters, but I suspect it is worth it.

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