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Episode 4: Pg 7

This is Cosmic Dash: Volume 2, Episode 4, Page 7, where we are introduced to “Black” Mab Sang, the space pirate queen, and her involvement in overall events regarding “The Cube.” The identity of the caller should be clear through context so far. Suddenly some things are lining up.

There was no need for an art overhaul on this page, as the original file had no issues. Hooray for small miracles. I simply updated the text and dialogue balloons with a few small re-writes. This should bring the page in line with the previous and most recent pages.

Based on the current numbering system, this page would be CD.2.1.9. However, I have not adjusted the title or how it appears in the archive to keep permalinks preserved and not throw off crawlers. I have included the archived content and original page below the transcript.

About the Pirate Queen

I have written extensively about the space pirate command structure through my vehicle, Meilo Thench. I’d suggest giving that a read if you want to understand the structure of space pirate rule and the role of the pirate queen.

Instead, I’d like to take this moment to write a bit about the space pirate queen “Black” Mab Seng herself. She has a surprising connection to current events in Cosmic Dash that I’ll reveal at Silver Spiral Stories next week.

“Black” Mab Sang is an unusual figure as she inherited her position as a leader of pirates when it seemed more traditionally a role earned by merit. It just turned out that much like her father, she was a complete badass. “Black” Korram Sang was widely regarded by his fellow pirates for his leadership during what would be called the Soltan Skirmish about 15 years before the current incidents covered on the page. Mab herself has only been running the Guild for eight years after the mysterious death of her father.

She was known for her barehanded hunting skills in her youth, and even the loss of an arm has failed to stop her occasional hunting trips. As for her relationship with Drakar Vadis, that seems to extend back to her father, Korram.

I don’t like being vague about these sorts of things, but I have an outline of a book that features a story for each year in the century preceding the first issue of Cosmic Dash. I would like to write that one day, and Korram and Mab fit into that.

Cosmic Dash: Vol. 2 Episode 4: Pg 7 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Vol. 2, Episode 4, page 7.

Panel One

A shot of an asteroid that has been converted into a space station. Ships seem to be flying in and out of it.

Caption: “Toranji Base, Pirate’s Guild Headquarters”

Panel Two

A zoomer is floating in a darkened hall that has a wooden texture.

Zoomer: “My Queen, you have a wave.”

Panel Three

“Black” Mab Sang looks over her shoulder at the zoomer.

Sang: “I’ll take it in my quarters.”

Panel Four

“Black” Mab Sang is speaking to a distorted figure on a wall-embedded screen. Her artificial arm is on full display.

Sang: “What do you want?”

Transmission: “Our mutual employer insists on offering you a job despite previous… misjudgments on your part regarding-”

Sang: “This about the corp thing?”

Panel Five

We see more of Mab’s quarters. Fossils hang on the walls, but the overall room feels a little thrown together.

Transmission: “It is… ongoing. You and your best crews will find the device. This is a high priority.”

Sang: “… and for us?”

Transmission: “Absolution isn’t enough?”

Sang: “Doesn’t keep my boys fed and loyal.”

Panel Six

Mab continues to talk to the distorted figure in the transmission.

Transmission: “I have been authorized to misplace several crates of weapons and a single cargo vessel. You can distribute them as you see fit.”

Sang: “Now we’re talking. I’ll put an all-sound on it.”

Panel Seven

Mab does not appreciate the comments from the caller.

Transmission: “Just make sure your judgment of character is better this time around. Your last ‘boy’ is currently on the run.”

Sang: “Pfft.”

Panel Eight

The transmission ends, and “Black” Mab Sang wanders away.

Sang: “Go crunch your numbers. … Glorified accountant.”

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Archived Content

CD.2.1.9 old

The concept of kings and queens of space pirates is a relatively deceptive one, as leaders are elected to the position. Of course being able to strong arm another band or two into submission is a great way to acquire votes in one’s favor. Basically we’re looking at something a bit similar to the system of leadership established in Pirates of the Caribbean Three because why the hell not?

Anyway, I urge you all to watch NBC’s Hannibal next Thursday at 10:15pm Pacific because it needs a ratings boost and I don’t want to see it cancelled. It’ll be messy; I’ll cry, and sadness in general does not make for good comics.

This week you should check out Ice Cream Surfer. It’s pretty sweet.


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