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Episode 4: Pg 6

This is Cosmic Dash: Volume 2, Episode 4, Page 6, where Dash and Dorian learn about the big news regarding GalacitCorp. We also see Dash’s mobile device on this page, so I think I’ll talk about those a bit. “The Cube” starts connecting multiple points of view here.

There was no need for an art overhaul on this page, as the original file had no issues. Hooray for small miracles. I simply updated the text and dialogue balloons with a few small re-writes. This should bring the page in line with the previous and most recent pages.

Based on the current numbering system, this page would be CD.2.1.8. However, I have not adjusted the title or how it appears in the archive to keep permalinks preserved and not throw off crawlers. I have included the archived content and original page below the transcript.

Mobiles – A Silver Spiral Galaxy Necessity

Mobiles are a common and essential technology around the Silver Spiral Galaxy. A necessary communication device, every citizen in the galaxy is provided with free base-line mobiles throughout their lives, but most people prefer to buy a consumer-grade mobile. Some, like Dash, may even mod their mobiles.

A mobile crosses a social security number, bank account, wallet, and smartphone. Mobiles have biometric and multi-factor authentication to utilize certain functions. Still, as long as the core ID chip remains unmodified, the whole system can be transferred to a new device.

Mobiles were determined to be a necessity due to how important up-to-the-minute data was for colonists. Mobiles offer every user a basic connection to GIN relays for essential information. However, you can always purchase access to faster and more robust GIN datastreams.

A mobile, in many ways, means the difference between life and death at times.

Cosmic Dash: Episode 4: Pg 6 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Cosmic Dash Episode 4, page 6.

Panel One

Dash is sitting on a couch in the lower common room of the Lucky Strike. He holds his mobile in his hand and notices Dorian has entered.

Caption: “Lower Common Room, Lucky Strike”

Dash: “Hey Dorian, check this out.”

Dorian: “Hm?”

Panel Two

Dash presses a connection button on his mobile, a wide-screen flip model.

Panel Three

Dash and Dorian are sitting on the couch watching a news broadcast delivered by an artificial intelligence Newsbot.

Newsbot: “Good evening, this is Newsbot with the Galactic News. Major shock in the business world today as a robbery was reported at a GalactiCorp research facility in Embu, Fiyan.”

Panel Four

The broadcast shows a shot of Miles Tego, the GalactiCorp CEO. Newsbot emotes in an internal frame.

Tego: “This appalling act is currently being investigated using every means possible. We are working with the Federation, Empire, and the IFGP.”

Panel Five

The broadcast moves to a shot of Drakar Vadis.

Newsbot: “Drakar Vadis, CEO of DraCo, released a statement in support of GalactiCorp.”

Vadis: “DraCo stands firmly alongside GalactiCorp.”

Panel Six

Dash has a satisfied expression on his face, charged up by the news. He is glancing at Dorian.

Newsbot (OS): “More on this story as it develops.”

Dash: “Serious stuff, huh?”

Dorian: “I guess? I’m not much of a tech guy.”

Panel Seven

Dorian is rising from the couch.

Dorian: “So a corp got ripped off?”

Dash: “Are you kidding? This is the biggest bit of corp-theft I’ve ever seen.”

Panel Eight

Dash is lost in thought as he leans back on the couch.

Dash: “Whatever it was G.C. was working on has gotta be huge. It’s just floating out there, even now. I’d love a taste of that tech. Imagine if the specs went open-source.”

Dorian: “I bet they’ll find it before that happens.”

Panel Nine

Dorian is wandering away, Dash peeks over the couch.

Dash: “I’d give an eye for a peek at the thing before it went public, though.”

Dorian: “Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. I only got a “B” in ocular-prosthetics at the university.”

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Archived Content

CD.2.1.8 - old

Artificial newscasters are a popular trend in the galaxy at this point as they’re less likely to flub up, and their emotive faces are generally considered to be more honest than most “living” news folk. It also helps that these newscasters can be run constantly with no breaks.

They still can’t predict the weather, however.

This week I’d like to share Roza: The cursed mage.

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