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Episode 4: Pg 2

Howdy everyone. A few updates to share this week! First of all, I updated the New Readers Guide. It now includes a little bit more information and some nice panels to show off some of the art, as the original page didn’t have much and didn’t do enough to convey the sense of scale of the comic that I wanted it to. Secondly, there is going to be a dedicated Character Guide on the site. Currently it is divided up between the main characters and everyone else, but that will eventually be tweaked with major secondary characters having a defined section. If you do a webcomic and host it through WordPress, you may want to check out Tablepress, a plugin I used to organize that cast page. Made the whole process pretty painless. In addition, Cosmic Dash now has two mirrors in-case the website is down for a period. You can find Cosmic Dash at Comicfury and Smackjeeves. Please consider bookmarking those. I am letting a frequent contributor to the site, Deft Beck, assist in posting comics on those mirrors. Lastly, I modified the output of the RSS feed to include a project wonderful ad. The ad shows up at the bottom of the feed content, so hopefully it is not intrusive for those of you who follow the comic through RSS.

Anyway, today’s update features an individual from the race known as the Shifta. They’re relatively new to the larger galaxy, only having been around for the past fifty years or so, but they’ve already made a bit of a name for themselves due to their¬†replication-talents. They’ve not worked their way to far into the various factions, and they are currently unaligned with any of them, preferring to do their own thing in the frontier region of the galaxy. Then again, because they can shapeshift, they could be anywhere, really. There is a trick to identifying them, though. ¬†Look at eye coloration: bluish green coloration of the eyes may signify a shifta. It’s that very specific shade of bluish green, though, otherwise I very well could be one!

Any questions or comments? What do you guys think of that last panel?


Friend to the site, Deft Beck, is working with others on a shared superhero universe, so I figured it would be neat to direct you to some of what they’ve put together. Check out Victory City: Haley.