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Episode 4: Pg 2 A (Insert)

I have uploaded a revised version of this page. The revisions include changing the lettering to bring the font in line with recent comics, such as the previous page. I have also made changes to the dialogue balloon style in that regard as well. I have made no art changes, but dialogue balloon positions have been changed and a few small line rewrites have occurred to round out some of the dialogue. I will include the original version of the page below.

This was originally a page that was inserted into the comic after I initially published the story, hence the designation in the archive as Pg 2 A (Insert). Based on the current numbering system, this would be CD.2.1.3, but for the permalinks, I am keeping the initial issue designation of 4.

Again, the original author’s notes will be included at the bottom for archival purposes.

Detectives… in… SPACE

We have two detectives here, but with different jurisdictions.  I have always loved detective stories and detective characters, so I wanted my own in the comics, and we have two major ones, both seen here.

Maxine Dent is a Federation Detective which means that she is assigned to investigate within the territory of the Federation. Most crimes are handled by a faction’s internal law enforcement. Maxine will later be assigned to the Galactic Hub Serreven, but at this point, she is a Federation detective liaison for the IFGP. As this GalactiCorp location was in Federation-designated territory, she has been tapped to assist in the investigation.

Maxine Dent is a character based on the mascot of the Multi-Artist eXchange which was a weekly art exchange between creators that ran for a number of years. I worked closely with her creator, Reed Hawker to adapt the character to Cosmic Dash‘s setting and what is fun is that some of my characterizations ended up working into his take on the character in his own comic, Culture Shock. It was a very fun collaboration and I appreciate he trusted me to do right by her. Maxine is more associated with Galactic Hub Serreven and makes a significant appearance in the four-part novella.

Detective Gamma, however, Zen E. Gamma, has been in the comic since issue #1. He is my Columbo mixed with a little bit of Inspector Koichi Zenigata from Lupin the 3rd. If you are interested, you should check out the Gamma story I put together that expands his role in galactic affairs significantly. Just be aware that this may be spoiler-territory if you’re still early in the archive.

Detective Gamma is with the InterFactional Galactic Police (IFGP). The IFGP is a kind of agreed-upon law enforcement and investigatory body that has detectives able to perform investigations and arrests across factional boundaries, often with the support of factional law enforcement. Consider them a kind of space Interpol.

Cosmic Dash: Episode 4: Pg 2 A (Insert) Transcript

This is the Cosmic Dash: Episode 4: Pg 2 A (Insert) page transcript.

Panel One

Maxine Dent, a Federation detective contracted with the IFGP approached Detective Zen E. Gamma as he looks over a crime scene.

Maxine: “All surveillance equipment is accounted for, Detective. Gamma. Security files show no sign of tampering. All the footage shows is two scheduled employees who seemed to go crazy. We’re waiting for information on the location of the gomben, but CorpSec found the grey dead.”

Gamma: “… and in this room, Detective Dent?”

Maxine: “No recording equipment in this room, sir. Company policy, apparently.”

Gamma: “Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. All signs are pointing to a shifta.”

Panel Two

Gamma glances back at Maxine. The detectives continue talking.

Maxine: “A ‘shifter,’ sir?

Gamma: “‘Shif-tah.’ Bad news those, Rookie.”

Panel Three

Maxine stands there, taking in the information.

Gamma: “They’re shape-changers. I’ve found some of his cellular leavings from exposure to this protective field.”

Maxine: “What do we do? This thief could appear to be anyone in that case.”

Panel Four

Gamma scratches at his long, prehensile nose.

Gamma: “He’s probably going to seek out buyers. I’m very familiar with these black market types. Let’s go to market, Dent.”

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Archived Content

Original page featuring the detectivess
This was the original version of the page for archival purposes.

You may remember Maxine from this story.

Maxine was a character developed for the Multi-Artist eXchange by one of my besties, Reed Hawker of Culture Shock.

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