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Episode 4: Pg 3

I have uploaded a revised version of this page. The revisions include changing the lettering to bring the font in line with recent comics, such as the previous page. I have also made changes to the dialogue balloon style in that regard as well. I have made no art changes, but dialogue balloon positions have been changed and a few small line rewrites have occurred to round out some of the dialogue. I will include the original version of the page below.

This page was original #3 in the issue, but the inclusion of the previous page after the release of the issue changed the numbers. Based on the current numbering system, this would be CD.2.1.4, but for the permalinks, I am keeping the initial issue designation of 4 and keeping this original permalink.

Again, the original author’s notes will be included at the bottom for archival purposes.


The small, egg-shaped robot seen on this page is one of the helperbots which are a common tool around the galaxy. Helperbots are very minimally-programmed beyond simple functions and do not exhibit as much ‘intelligence’ as some of the other robots seen in the series, especially as robots that approach sentience are generally illegal. Such robots sometimes go unreported, but there are real concerns about robots growing sentience and joining the Artifici in their occupied territory.

Regardless of the anxieties around robots, helperbots are generally considered to be low-intelligence tools that can be programmed for a specific array of functions. They’re not likely to revolt any time soon, but it is wise to treat a helperbot with respect and ensure they are taken care of.

Helperbots are typically beloved by spacers in particular because they can be programmed for tasks in space and can cling to the surface of the ship while traveling at high speeds, allowing maintenance to be handled while on the run.

Helperbot rentals are quite common as spaceports, though most cargo companies end up purchasing one of their own. Unfortunately for the crew of the Lucky Strike, money is a little tight to own one of them.

Helperbots are based on the Scuzzers from a favorite game of mine, Startopia.

Cosmic Dash: Episode 4: Pg 3 Transcript

This is the Cosmic Dash: Episode 4: Pg 3 transcript.

Panel One

Bernell Marken is barking at a crowded spaceport to advertise cargo room on the Lucky Strike. A frostui calls to him in the distance.

Caption: “Juniya Merchant Exchange, Fiyan”

Marken: “Departing in mere hours! Shipping products! Tons of room left! Accepting delayed payments!”

Frostui: “‘Ey! How soon you shipping out?”

Panel Two

Marken greets the approaching frostui. Eron Cameya observes in the background.

Marken: “In three hours’ time. How much do you need moved?”

Frostui: “Just the one crate. Got cold storage?”

Panel Three

Marken hands a datapad with the contract to the frostui.

Marken: “Certainly do! Nature of the cargo?”

Frostui: “Just some seeds for colonists on Deryan.”

Marken: “Your cargo is in good hands with us.”

Panel Four

Marken watches the helperbot move the crate in question.

Marken: “Helperbot, please take this crate to the ship.”

Helperbot: “Boop.”

Panel Five

The frostui is clutching his hands sneakily from behind a stack of crates. It is a shifta in transformation! Marken is seen in the background, resuming his barking.

Marken: “Accepting delayed payments! Lucky Strike Transport Company!”

Panel Six

The shift ditches his transformation completely, continuing to clutch his hands.

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Archived Content

CD.4.2.3 - original page with a helperbot
This was the original version of the page published on the website.

Another page, another round of spot the cameos.

The character page received some more information, and there is now a storyline guide as well. I am interested in doing another character interview for the tumblr, so if you’re interested in hearing from a certain character, please let me know.

I am itching to answer questions in general, so ask away.

This week I’d like to direct your attention to Three Minute Max.

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