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Episode 4: Pg 4

Well, we made it to the first appearance of Drakar Vadis in the series. The following page is Cosmic Dash: Volume 2, Episode 4: Pg 4, part of the ongoing storyline titled “The Cube.” This page is the formal introduction to the series antagonist Drakar Vadis, his henchwoman, Andrea Mayden, and shows the Wootari Brothers in their first Cosmic Dash appearance. I’ll have more to say about them in a moment.

This page required the most significant revision yet. I have updated the dialogue and adjusted the font and dialogue balloons to bring the comic in line with the previous page and more current pages. However, the page also had been merged, so it required a significant art edit where I had to manually erase the balloons and dialogue that already existed and redraw elements that were erased.

Ideally, it should not be noticeable, but I have included the original page in the archived content section for comparison purposes. That also includes the original author’s notes on the page. In order to preserve the permalink structure on the site, I have kept the original page numbers. However, based on the current numbering scheme this would be CD.2.1.6.

About the Wootari Bros. – Mantis Aliens

Wulg and Snix Wootari, better known as the Wootari Brothers, are characters who first made their appearance in the old Galactic Hub Serreven comic I did as a companion to the Cosmic Dash stories that used to run in Furrlough. These two mantis-like henchmen for Drakar Vadis have shown up quite a bit in the comics.

They are of a race called the Mantoid which features mantis and beetle features. While they are definitely more visually derived from beetles, their culture tends to be matriarchal which is where I pull some of the more mantis-influence. Mantoids tend to form large hives structured around a dominant female.

As for how the Wootari Brothers came to serve Drakar Vadis, well, that is a story for another time.

Cosmic Dash: Volume 2, Episode 4: Pg 4 Transcript

The following is a transcript for Cosmic Dash: Volume 2, Episode 4: Pg 4.

Panel One

A shot of the towering DraCo building within Galactic Hub Serreven. The dark green building carries a menacing presence befitting the being that owns it.

Caption: “DraCo Corporate Headquarters, Galactic Hub Serreven”

Panel Two

A woman enters the frame named Andrea Mayden, assistant to Drakar Vadis, owner of DraCo. She addresses him as he stands gazing out the window of his darkened office.

Vadis: “Yes? What is it?”

Mayden: “Mr. Vadis, the Wootari Brothers are here.”

Vadis: “Send them in.”

Panel Three

A wide panel depicts the Wootari Brothers – Wootari Wulg and Wootari Snix – as they enter the office engaged in an argument.

Wulg: “I told you that your gun was showin’!”

Snix: “I can’t find a roomy enough vest, brother.”

Vadis (OS): “You two are late.”

Panel Four

Wulg looks apologetic.

Wulg: “Sorry boss, the cops have been onto us since the thing with the Serreven Admin. We’re bein’ extra careful not to cause you any grief.”

Panel Five

Drakar continues to look out the window. He has not turned to address anyone yet.

Vadis: “This is exactly why I am sending you two away for a while.”

Wulg: “Away, sir?”

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Archived Content

CD2.1.4 old version

Boy, a bunch of new characters to introduce on this page. I’ll get some profiles up on the character guide as soon as I can. For now we have Ms. Mayden and Drakar Vadis from the “The Loneliest Genius”, and the two mantoids are the Wootari brothers: Wulg and Snix.

By the way, did you know the radio edit of Daft Punk’s new single is out there RIGHT NOW? Definitely worth a buy. I have to make a big deal about this because so much of Cosmic Dash is drawn while Daft Punk plays in the background.

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