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Episode 4: Pg 5

This is Cosmic Dash: Volume 2, Episode 4, page 5, and Drakar “the Dragon” Vadis discusses events and reveals his role in the GalactiCorp incident. We’re still in the early stages of “The Cube.” There was no need for art changes on this page, unlike the nightmare that was on the previous page. Mercifully, this page was just about updating the font and dialogue balloons. This puts it in line with more recent pages of the comic.

Based on the current numbering system, this page would be CD.2.1.7. However, I have not adjusted the title or how it appears in the archive to keep permalinks preserved and not throw off crawlers. I have included the archived content and original page below the transcript.

About “The Dragon”

While I do have a full biography for the character written down, I do not want to dip into Drakar’s origins just yet. I want to clarify two things: Drakar’s species is not some “alien” species in the sci-fi sense. He is a different lifeform, but there is no planet of dragon-aliens. Drakar is a dragon, the full-on fantasy-kind. Just seemingly, there is space.

I should also clarify he’s not necessarily a dragon-dragon, either. We would normally classify a dragon as having six limbs. Two wings and four legs. Drakar is more in-line with the concept of a drake, which would have two wings and two legs. As far as how Drakar’s wings are tucked into that dapper suit jacket, well, that will be a reveal for the comics in the future,

Cosmic Dash: Episode 4: Pg 5 Transcript

The following is a transcript for Cosmic Dash: Episode 4: Pg 5.

Panel One

Drakar Vadis still has his back turned to everyone, still staring out the window of his office. Wulg and Snix appear confused and worried.

Vadis: “You will be assisting a contractor I have hired to obtain an important item.”

Wulg: “Contractor? Goin’ with someone outside of the company, boss?”

Panel Two

Mayden relays a message over her headset to a waiting individual.

Vadis (OS): “This task requires a specialized touch. Mayden.”

Mayden: “Enter.”

Panel Three

A helmeted figure in a bodysuit enters. She seems to have similar characteristics to Kracker’s species, but she is a hauke, not a parrack. This is Sarress Aeven.

Aeven: “Sarress Aeven, reporting. Sir.”

Panel Four

Drakar hasn’t changed his position but seems to be glancing back at the assembled group.

Vadis: “Six hours ago, I was contacted by someone I commissioned to obtain a very, very valuable item from a GalactiCorp research station. Instead, he informed me that he will be placing the item on the black market. You three will track him down and obtain the item.”

Panel Five

Wulg has two of his arms raised while the other two are doing a fist-pounding gesture.

Wulg: “Want him to come back in a baggie, boss?”

Vadis (OS): “I do not want to know any of the details. I do not want to save your worthless carapaces again, life-debt or not.”

Panel Six

In an overhead shot of the room, Drakar continues to gaze out the window, having winded down his address to those assembled.

Vadis: “Mayden, be sure they have all of the relevant details, and schedule a press conference for next week as well.”

Mayden: “As you wish, Mr. Vadis.”

Panel Seven

Ms. Mayden ushers the assembled group.

Mayden: “Come along.”

Panel Eight

Drakar stands alone, still gazing out at the larger Galactic Hub Serreven.

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Archived Content

CD.2.1.7 - old version

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