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Episode 4: Pg 3 (Insert)

The following page is a revised version of what was originally Cosmic Dash: The Cube – Episode 4, Pg 3 (Insert), a page that was added to the volume after the initial story was completed. Regarding this page, it was added to round out some page numbers, and it also gave me an excuse to put characters into a conversation as well as reveal a bit about the cargo ship business works.

I have updated the lettering and dialogue balloon placement on this page, including styles based on characters, and updated some dialogue. There have been no art changes here. This keeps this page in line with the previous page in addition to more current pages of the comic.

This page is listed in the archive as episode 4, page 3 to keep the permalinks consistent. However, based on the current numbering scheme of the comic this is technically CD.2.1.5.

Again, the original author’s notes will be included at the bottom for archival purposes. I have also included the original page.

The Role of a Cargo Ship in the Silver Spiral Galaxy

Some of the most important services in the galaxy revolve around infrastructure, and cargo ships are an essential element of that and are generally a great business investment. It’ll become clear later in the volume that cargo ships are not Marken’s passion, but given the money, he was able to carve out a rather tidy little business for himself and his friends.

Typically, a cargo ship is either assigned to a local system or area, or it is a cross-system ship. While there is plenty of money in moving material around within a small system or two, the need for ships to make multi-week journeys over major distances offers a lucrative option for many.

The Lucky Strike, here, is of the latter type and would spend most of its life traveling from major shipping hub to shipping hub around the galaxy, picking up and dropping off cargo for the more local ships to deliver

Cosmic Dash: Episode 4, Pg 3 (Insert) Transcript

The following is a transcript of Cosmic Dash: Episode 4, Pg 3 (Insert).

Panel One

The helperbot approaches Kracker, Guugel, and Bucketbot. Kracker and Bucketbot are engaged in conversation while Guugel is lying down on the loading ramp. The helperbot is holding the crate that it was sent off with by Marken. The scene takes place right outside of the Lucky Strike.

Caption: “The Lucky Strike, Cargo Ship”

Kracker: “I don’t think that’s the way it works, Bucketbot.”

Bucketbot: “So there’s no way for me to be captain?”

Kracker: “Probably not.”

Panel Two

The helperbot has reached his destination. Kracker is surprised to see it. Kracker’s mobile begins to vibrate.

Helperbot: “Beep!”

Kracker: “Oh, hey. A loader.”

Panel Three

Kracker answers his mobile with a click.


Panel Four

Marken has his back turned on Eron Cameya who seems to be signing over some information. The astro-mole is in the middle of relaying instructions.

Marken: “Kracker, I need to return this loader before the rental period is up. Go ahead and secure the cargo, alright?”

Kracker (Transmission): “Uh…”

Panel Five

Kracker looks puzzled.

Kracker: “Isn’t that usually Dash’s job?”

Marken (Transmission): “He’s busy looking for food generator cubes. Send the loader back as quickly as possible.”

Panel Six

Kracker has managed to put a corner of the crate into Bucketbot, but the robot struggles with the weight, as does Kracker. Guugel stands behind them, embarrassed and frustrated.

Caption: “Moments Later”

Bucketbot: “Couldn’t you have sent the loader back after it moved the crate inside?”

Kracker: “Shuuuut uuuuup…”

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Archived Content

Original page

About half way through the inserts. Eron seems to be showing up again.

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