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Volume 4 Episode 2 – Pg 43

Sometimes Cosmic Dash drifts into mystery comic territory and I like to think some folks are really interested. Just what is going on? I’d love to hear theories. This is Cosmic Dash, Volume 4, Episode 2, page 43.

What’s Alix’s deal? We have seen that discolored patch of fur, and in one of the short stories, she was revealed to have undergone an implant in that exact spot… There was also a minicomic “The Trap” that depicted her taking out a bunch of bounty hunters on a space station. A mystery comic indeed.

We also have the mysterious project “Grey Tide.” We know Dash is doing specific work for Kimney, essentially a research job for GalactiCorp. Kimney dubbed it “API.” What might this project be about, and when Dash talks about a breakthrough… does it connect to the device he tested in this issue?

Meanwhile, Mara also is doing her undercover work for Ij Far. What exactly does he want this time? We’ll find out in the next issue.

We have about two pages left. I have it absolutely locked down so the end is in sight.

Meanwhile, don’t miss the latest Galactic Hub Serreven. We’re about one page away from ending.

GHS update link mystery comic

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Page Summary

The following is a summary of this mystery comic page.

Panel One

Mara is in her darkened bunk, sitting at her desk.

Caption: “Later.”

Voice (OS): “Agent Senten.”

Panel Two

Mara is looking at her computer, on the screen is Ij Far.

Ij Far: “I have a new mission for you.”

Mara: “Sir.”

Panel Three

Dash is sitting in the medbay, looking at a tablet. In the next bed over Guugel’s seed-form is wrapped in a blanket.

Caption: “Later Still.”

Panel Four

Dash is looking at his tablet screen, which we can see Walter Kimney.

Dash: “I have a breakthrough Mr. Kimney. Project ‘Grey Tide’ is on track.”

Kimney: “That is good news and I am relieved that you and your crew are safe. However, before you return to the core systems there is something that we need to discuss.”

Panel Five

In Alix’s darkened bunk, Alix looks back at Kracker, who is sleeping in her bed.

Caption: Even Later.

Panel Six

Alix sits at her desk, working with a mobile device that is plugged up into her arm implant.

Alix: “I should pickpocket pirates often. Their mobiles are full of such useful…”

Panel Seven

Alix smirks, her eyes are obscured.

Alix: “… information.”

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