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Volume 4 Episode 2 – Pg 44

And we are back with Cosmic Dash: Volume 4, Episode 2 – Pg 44 which brings back some recurring antagonists: Vid Seng and his crew of space pirates. It looks like they lucked out here, but I guess maybe their story is just starting.

I have some fun plans for the space pirates that begin right here from this page and I am excited to get that going soon over at I also enjoyed drawing them in all their outfits, here. Quell’s bundled-up look is particularly funny to me. Brik also looks cozy in his snow-suit. I also am happy to add yet another ridiculous hat to Vid’s collection.

Next week I will be doing the final page of this story. I’m glad to have made it through. This one ended up longer than originally scripted because I ended up improvising and expanding on some of the action sequences, but I think the episode is all the better for it.

Speaking of wrapping up, did you catch the final page of the most recent Galactic Hub Serreven story? Gage did a fantastic job writing it and it was so much fun to get back to working with these characters again.

Galactic Hub Serreven Update Banner - Space Pirate edition

Now, for some news…

Cosmic Dash Hiatus

Cosmic Dash will be taking about a month or so off following next week’s update. This is my time between issues to polish up my script for the next issue as well as do all my concept art and character design updates. While the main Cosmic Dash series may not be updating during that time, I’ll still be posting comics over at

In the meantime, I’ll still be doing episodes of Supernatural Selection weekly. In fact, here is the latest episode for you. Enjoy.

Cosmic Dash: Volume 4, Episode 2 – Pg 44: Page Summary

The following is a summary of this comic page featuring space pirates.

Panel One

An overhead shot of a crime scene, with a visual overlay of digital binoculars. Garful Crayd is being led off by an IFGP officer.

Vid Seng (OS): “Well, it seems like anyone left over is getting rounded up by the IFGP.”

Panel Two

Vid has pulled his binoculars from his eyes as he looks out at the scene.

Vid: “Man, Kameku’s crew did a number on ’em.”

Panel Three

Vid is crouched down, studying the scene from a cliff. Behind him, Brik Targent looks over the situation. Behind Brik is Quell Blaxtromas.

Vid: “Not really recognizing any of them, must be a fleet we’ve not worked with before… Something about the guy in the coat, though…”

Brik: “Are those… bodybags?”

Quell: “Mfff uhf bphn thffr snphhr.*”

Vid: “I guess we’re lucky we arrived later after getting the all-sound.”

Caption: “* Must have been their sniper.”

Panel Four

Vid and Brik are looking back to their compatriots.

Vid: “Hearin’ anything, Illyana?”

Panel Five

Illyana Mordon has her finger near her ear, listening to a transmission. Miria Pha is behind her, looking on.

Illyana: “Uh, yeah, you could say that… We’d better call this in to the Queen.”

Miria: “Crap.”

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