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Volume 4 Episode 2 – Pg 45

Welcome and thanks for checking out Cosmic Dash: Volume 4 Episode 2 – Pg 44. And with this glimpse at the Cosaya colony, a setting we’ve been tracking over the last two volumes (3.3.1, 3.3.21, 4.1.28), we reach the end of The Battle at Foragetti Plains.

What did you think of the issue? It seems like really, the crew managed to get out of this situation by the skin of their teeth. Guugel was particularly influential but how long will he be tapped out for? Also, what was Eron’s interest in all of this? Mystery after mystery. Hm. Lastly, where does this space colony fit in all of this? What are those ugly little creatures?

The main comic will be going on a break for a while. I am using that time to work on finishing up the script for Vol. 4 Episode 3, as well as doing my concept art and planning. Speaking of which, I can finally share some of the planning art for this volume that fell into spoiler territory.

Concept art of Vid, 4.1 Concept art of Blu, 4.1 Concept art of Guugel, 4.1 Concept art of kemezeckians, 4.1 - space colony story Concept art of kemezeckians, 4.1 - space colony story Concept art of space pirates, 4.1 - space colony story

Pretty cool, right? The full collection of concept art will be made available on the design and reference art page.

Anyway, though Cosmic Dash is going on a break of about a month or so, will be updating with new comics. Coming right up is a Kracker story that should reveal a bit of his own backstory, which I am excited to share.

Otherwise, I would love to hear your thoughts about this issue. It ended up being longer than I had initially intended, but I am glad I was flexible with it.

Cosmic Dash: Volume 4 Episode 2 – Pg 44 Summary

Here is the page summary transcript of this page, which deals with the Cosaya colony.

Panel One

A Grey scientist is running from a burning building. There is a spherical alien is clinging to a wall.

Scientist: “Oh no! No, no, no!”

Panel Two

The scientist is attacked by two of these aliens. One clings to his face and violently stabs him. The other has latched onto his arm.

Scientist: “*Hurk*”

Panel Three

An overhead shot of a colony in flames. Bodies litter the grounds and several of the buildings are in a ruined state. Heavy smoke drifts into the air.

Caption: “Formacye Mining Colony, Cosaya.”

Panel Four

An inset panel depicts the planet Cosaya in the void of space.

Caption: “The End”

Thank you for reading. Please continue to check week to week for comics until updates again.

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