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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 10

It’s been nearly a month, but we have a new page. I don’t see any issues delaying the next page, but most times, a crisis doesn’t signal it is on the way. This is Volume 4, Episode 3, Page 10 of “Ladies Fight.” We’re still on the planet Vumba, and Alix and Mara seem to have cleared the air a bit, but something about Alix’s countenance stands out. What could it be? Also, in the comic numbering system, this update is CD.4.3.10.

In any case, we continue to learn more about the characters, which is always fun. Also fun? The “Halloween” special I started over at Silver Spiral Stories, which there is only a page of right now.

Silver Spiral Stories Update #100

The story is titled “Blood & Oil” and follows T-wk (from the first issue) months after he arrives on the junk world. What is he up to? We’ll see over the course of the coming weeks. This story is a style departure for me and will also feature a little more violence than one might expect from Cosmic Dash. It should be a lot of fun.

I am still trying to figure out a numbering system for the anthology series.

Planet Vumba

Vumba is the kind of planet widely sought after in colonial rushes because it is an easy world to build a colony on. We might refer to it as a planet sitting in the “Goldilocks zone” as it is “just right.” It also helps if your residents are adapted to the planet to a degree.

A case in point is a bio-implant found in most spacers and colonists that can convert different gasses to whatever is necessary for respiration for the individual. All the crew of the Lucky Strike II has the implant, though it may vary in form with the species. Vumba is a planet with a tolerable climate with a little more sulfur in that atmosphere leading to a somewhat yellowish color. It’s not overwhelmingly sulfurous, but enough to be noticeable.

Yes, the planet also smells kind of funky. I’ll also discuss the implants in the next volume when they become plot-relevant.

Planet Vumba in the Stael Arm
Planet Vumba is in the green territory where the star clusters of the arm split.

Also, Vumba occupies a special place that resulted in it being colonized quickly and brought up to speed compared to other planets. It is well positioned in territory claimed by the Cyclopasian Neutrality on the Stael Arm. The colony is only about 20 or so years old but will be a major hub within the next 10 years, given the further push along the Stael Arm among the Federation and Empire.

Basically, Vumba is a planet that serves as an investment opportunity – a mild climate planet with few barriers to colonization in a prime space of future colonial activity.

Cosmic Dash – Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 10 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Cosmic Dash Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 10.

Panel One

Alix seems to be glancing around, We see the mountains and a building behind her.

Alix: “I’m… not nearly as rule-abiding as I might appear. I stumbled into this job, and I have been keeping my guard up. I’m good with information, so I was looking up you and everyone else as a self-defense mechanism. But I want to apologize for how invasive that must have felt.”

Panel Two

Mara ponders as she holds her hand against her cheek.

Mara: “I’m still a bit angry about that, but I guess I can understand.”

Panel Three

Mara directs her gaze to Alix and explains.

Mara: “Listen. It can be tough to be new, especially with a crew like ours. We’ve been through a lot, and it really bonds everyone.”

Panel Four

Mara continues

Mara: “But you’re with us now. You’ve already been through the wringer with us, and you fought alongside us.  I hope that you don’t need to protect yourself from any of us.”

Panel Five

Alix smiles slightly.

Alix: “I appreciate that. Thank you, Mara.”

Panel Six

Mara checks her mobile as she continues to talk to Alix. Alix glances away with her arms crossed.

Mara: “You’ll also need to fill me in some time on what that “not rule-abiding” thing was about.

Alix: “One day.”

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  1. raven0ak
    raven0ak November 26, 2022

    Have to say that I miss era when cosmic dash updated every friday

    • hpkomic
      hpkomic November 26, 2022

      I do too, but until I can do the comic as a full-time thing, I don’t see that happening again in the future.

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