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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 12

First, thank you for sticking with Cosmic Dash, and for those coming to the comic from Mastodon, I hope you enjoy your time in the archive. This is Volume 4, Episode 3, page 12 of “Ladies’ Fight,” or in the canon numbering system, it’s CD.4.3.12. This page features a rather cute heart-to-heart between Dash and Dorian, and given what they’ve been through together in the comic so far, it feels like a pretty good moment. Dorian is just thrilled to be considered a doctor! Plus, there is talk of a certain university.

I am only a little late on this page – I am also on break from my teaching job for about a month, so that should leave more time for comics. Speaking of comics – there was a new installment of “Blood & Oil” at worth a look! It’s updated #102 and continues the 80s vibe.

SSS.102 - Blood & Oil page 3 - no sign of a university here!

It also features the first in-canon depiction of boob touching, so there you go!

The font used on Dorian’s “swoon” panel is Leira Lite.


Speaking of updates, you may have noticed some changes on the site. I redid the homepage for this website, and I think it looks better overall. However, you’ll need to weigh in and let me know in the comments. I also plan on giving a similar visual update. We have some menu and navigation changes in addition to updates to a few pages on the site, such as the comic archive and about page, and removed any Twitter links.

I am no longer on Twitter. I have given up on the Bird App, as it has gone to the birds. You can now find me on Mastodon, as well as a dedicated Cosmic Dash account. However, the best way to keep up to date with the news and developments of the comics is to join the Galactic Hub Serreven Discord, as I post all my projects and more.

The biggest change is the new “blog” link which technically takes you to!

Cosmic Dash Blog?

Given what happened with Twitter, I have decided to be an island and consolidate my material on the website. I have plenty of stories on Wattpad, but I am now reposting them on, as it’s the “anthology” website. That means I am also updating them a bit as well. What is currently on the blog as of this moment?

I plan on updating every couple of days. There are plenty of Silver Spiral Archives posts and story content. One thing that I am doing that is new is Canon Notes. I am more or less a one-man show here in the Cosmic Dash universe, barring some spinoff material and collaborations, so things sometimes get mixed up. I have a post covering my reasoning for the Canon Notes that is worth a read. Please check it out.

Also, if you can, please support the sites by leaving comments. First of all, comments bring me joy. Especially questions. I am more than happy to answer whatever questions you have about the setting, as I can also use them to update the canon notes. Secondly, active comments help Cosmic Dash and Silver Spiral Stories rank better in the internet algorithm. Given I lost my biggest promotional tool, Twitter, I could use the help.

On Gnarlruut University

Gnarlruut University has been mentioned a few times in the comic and is the alma mater of most of the crew of the Lucky Strike II. Dash and Mara both attended, where they met Kracker and Marken. Marken was an upperclassman who mentored them – he would later hire them once he started a business with the inheritance from his parents after their untimely deaths.

Dorian entered the academy on the medical track just shortly after Dash, Mara, and Kracker graduated. Gnarlruut is what one might consider a generalist university – well respected with several individual academies within it. Dorian is enrolled in the Huta School of Medical Sciences. Dash and Kracker graduated from Horizon Technical Institute – Mara from the Arlo Val Kor History School. Marken earned his degree at the Fal Business School. Again, these are all schools and programs within Gnarlruut University.

Gnarlruut is one of the “big” three universities. As one would expect with this comic – the universities correspond with the factions. There are more universities than just the “big” three, too. Gnarlruut is an institution that is closely associated with the Federation. The Blassnaught Empire has Ragnell, which doubles as a series of military academies to support the compulsive service of the Empire. The Cyclopasian Neutrality offers the Chk’tun College – originally a Mantoid training system.

Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 12 Transcript

The following is a transcript of CD.4.3.12.

Panel One

Dash is leaning against the headrest of the medibed. Snoring is heard in the background.

Dash: “Hey, Dorian.”

Dorian (OS): “You should be trying to get some rest.”

Panel Two

Dorian looks up from his microscope with a nervous expression. Dash is in the background.

Dash: “Your internship here is over in a couple of months.”

Panel Three

Dorian sits on his lab chair and glances toward the ceiling. Dash asks him about Gnarlruut university.

Dash (OS): “Are you planning on heading back to Gnarlruut? Finish your examinations there?”

Dorian: “I’m… not sure.”

Panel Four

Dorian continues to ponder his options and has a finger placed on his chin.

Dorian: “I have the option to stay here if asked to do so and I can take my certification teams remotely. I’d like to stay on if Marken will have me. I just haven’t asked.”

Panel Five

Dorian is overjoyed and has his hands on his cheeks.

Dash (OS): “Well, I hope you ask to stay on. It’s good to have a doctor I can trust. I bet Marken feels the same way.”

Panel Six

Dash removes the bandage from his eye, it is still a little swollen, and there is a scar on his left eyebrow.

Dorian (OS): “You’re not just fishing for painkillers, are you?”

Dash: “I certainly wouldn’t mind some right now. Damn tape.”

Panel Seven

Kracker is passed on in an adjacent medibed. He has been the source of the snoring throughout the page.

Dorian (OS): “Who said you could remove the bandage?”

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