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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 17

Welcome back to Cosmic Dash; this is Vol. 4, Ep. 3, “Ladies’ Fight” page 17. We’ll get a bit into Alix’s cyborg nature here a bit. If you’ve read some of the prose material, this shouldn’t be entirely new, but I’ll catch you up if that is the case.

We’re back after a couple of weeks. I was ill, but I called in a favor from a friend who managed to bail me out with some updates on the sister site. You can catch the last two updates at, both by Kevin McKracken. The first is a one-piece depicting Wulg and Snix, while the second is a Meanwhiles comic featuring Dash and Vid.
SSS #109 - no cyborg here

With that said, the next few weeks will focus on this story while I do some design work for the next mini. We’re definitely moving into some important stuff over the next few pages. I’d like to focus on moving the story forward, especially as this is the last hurrah before the BIGGEST ARC YET for volume 5. The next volume is a three-part story with some real shocks.

But hey, what else has been going on?


  • RGBots is on a break for a bit. I am focusing on reuploading the archive from Twitter to the website so I can leave Twitter entirely. This will take me a while, as there are over 100 more comics to go. Once the RGBots archive is handled, I will get back to it quickly.
  • Supernatural Selection continues to publish episodes. I am currently in the process of writing my script for an exploration of the story of La Llorona, but some recent episodes are real bangers. I did one on Cosmic Death Fungus that is particularly timely, terrifying, and worth a listen.
  • We also have a Supernatural Selection spinoff we are testing called “The Distraction Hole.” We have the first episode available to listen to for free on Patreon. It is a show that serves as an output for our tangents on the main podcast.
  • Speaking of audio productions, I am attached to: The Mutant Hours is on hiatus for a bit as I am reorienting it toward… Youtube. I have something planned to finally get my foot into the door as a Youtuber, which is exciting.

Now, onto some lore.

Alix: The Cyborg

Alix’s cyborg implant has been shown in the comic a couple of times already, but this is where we see it play out more directly. It was introduced in the Cosmic Dash novella “Signing Bonus,” which is currently available at Wattpad but will eventually be edited and ported over to the archive at

I also just noticed that the implant position seems to have changed. So that is something for the canon notes page. I may re-edit the novella to indicate a dual-implant to bring things in line.

Cosmic Dash Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 17 Transcript

The following is a transcript for Cosmic Dash, Vol. 4, Ep. 3, “Ladies’ Fight” page 17.

Panel One

We get an overhead shot as Alix approaches the rear of a building located in Ferrow’s Hope. She approaches what appears to be a panel.

Panel Two

Alix ties her hair back into a ponytail.

Panel Three

Alix has opened a panel outside the building and connected herself to it using a cable between the arm implant and the panel itself.

Panel Four

Alix has relayed the cable from the panel to her arm to a mobile. She plugs the cord into the mobile that runs a scouting program and searches for something.

Panel Five

The data running through her implant shocks Alix. She is overwhelmed by the interface, and her fur is jagged in response. Her eyes take a pale green hue.

Panel Six

The interface on the mobile indicates the search program has found a match.

Panel Seven

Alix rubs her eyes, irritated by the experience of serving as a partial computer.

Alix: GAH!

Panel Eight

Alix, reservedly, disconnects herself from the panel outside the building.

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  1. ColdFusion
    ColdFusion May 2, 2023

    The transcript really helps with pages like this. Though I got the gist regardless, for a second I thought it was a very elaborate biometric lock that was checking her blood XD

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