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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 18

Welcome back to Cosmic Dash; this is Volume 4, Episode 3, “Ladies’ Fight,” Page 8. Well, this revelation certainly complicates things. We knew Alix had a past from previous appearances. She had some knowledge of the Assassins Guild, and we saw her single-handedly bait and kill a group of bounty hunters, but what is going on here? Is she an assassin? Is… that her father? Well, we’ll find out as we continue this issue.

Silver Spiral Stories will be on break for the rest of the month as I do some pre-production work on the next big mini-comic. I am very excited about that, but it is also nice to just sort of focus on the main comic at the moment, especially at such a revealing time.

I don’t have much in the way of updates elsewhere right now; things have been a bit nuts. The Supernatural Selection podcast is going well, and the latest episode I have written should be up the day after this page goes live. In fact, the show has gone so well that we’re doing a second, more pop-culture-focused show. We’ve been doing some demos on our Patreon, but eventually, these will start rolling out on our main feed.

Other than that, why not see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3? I loved it. GotG is also a huge influence on me, even dating back to the comics before the movie.

Alix: Assassin?

I obviously can’t reveal a ton here, but here are some things that I feel are worth mentioning that shouldn’t give away current plot points or reveals later in this issue.

  • Alix has a significant body count.
  • We’re about mid-way through her role as an assassin at this point.
  • Alix was groomed into the role.

Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 18 Transcript

The following is a transcript to Cosmic Dash Volume 4, Episode 3, “Ladies’ Fight,” Page 8 – a revelation of Alix as a seeming assassin in her youth.

Panel One

A dark, red-hued warehouse. A younger Alix Motari is clad in wraps wielding knives, standing over an injured, cowering Gomben.

Caption: Eight Years Ago.

Gomben: Please… The credits are on the way. I just need a little more time.

Panel Two

Alix glances down at the cringing Gomben.

Panel Three

Alix glances at a figure behind her; the Gomben glances over Alix’s shoulder.

Panel Four

An abstract panel shows Alix darting forward, knives behind her, past the Gomben.

Panel Five

Alix draws her knives inward, and the head of the Gomben pops off his neck.


Panel Six

Alix stands, knives resting at her side. One of the knives is stained with blood. She glances behind her toward a figure in shadow, seemingly riding in a spindly construct.

Mystery Figure: Good job… Kiddo.

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