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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 19

We’re back with a new page; Cosmic Dash – Volume 4 Episode 3, “Ladies’ Fight” – Page 19 – and it’s lunchtime! I stopped counting the numbering of the comics, so let’s get back to that. This is 4.3.19. This page is a day or so late. I was at a convention on Saturday and couldn’t finish the page until Sunday evening, and even then, I had to take a break, hence uploading it at the ass-end of a Monday morning.

But hey, lunchtime. As we’ve seen in other instances, such as Pause & Effect, Dorian tends to have some dietary concerns that often result in Marken needing to make specialized meals. Thankfully the Grey palette tends to be pretty basic – it makes lunchtime easier but is particularly horrifying in concept to poor Marken.

Anyway, let’s talk updates, shall we?

Updates Around the Web

Here are some goings on from me.

  • The third part of the first Cosmic Dash novella, Pause & Effect, is now available to read on the Cosmic Dash Blog. Enjoy! Two parts left to go.
  • I am finishing my script for the next mini-comic this week, so if you’re dying to know what Drakar is up to, you’ll soon have your chance.
  • Season two of #HashItOut is now up and running over on Mastodon. If you want to join in on the fun, go ahead and give the account a follow. You can also check out previous games and winners on the archive.
  • Supernatural Selection continues its steady rhythm as we move into season three of the show. Our most recent focus was an episode on La Llorona, which I wrote. And we closed out the season with a new Week In Weird. Season three begins this week with us revisiting the Mothman.
  • RGBots and The Mutant Hours are still on a hiatus. I am looking for some help uploading old RGBots comics if anyone can lend me a hand with that.
  • I have a new Panel By Panel over at The Duck.

Lastly, I have updated my commission rates – the first time I have done that in a long while. Click the happy lizard below if you are interested in hiring me.

Commissions Now Available - Graphic link to commission information.

Feji Flakes

Feji Flakes are a brand of algae foodstuff and have plenty of essential nutrients for aliens of all types. They make a good lunch because they have different blends for different diets. If they are flakes, though, why do they look like noodles? The flakes tend to clump and bond when mixed with certain liquids. These are less like noodles here and more like a stringy, wavy clump of bland algae. Just the way Dorian likes it!

Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 19 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Cosmic Dash – Volume 4 Episode 3, “Ladies’ Fight” – Page 19.

Panel One

Bernell Marken and Dr. Erwynn Kasso enter the med-bay of the Lucky Strike II. They are carrying small containers of food. One is in a different color than the others – the color blue. It’s time for lunch.

Marken: Lunch!

Panel Two

Marken holds his stack of containers toward Dorian, who picks up the blue one. Marken is glancing off to the side. We see Marken has an apron tied at his back.

Marken: Oh, dear.

Panel Three

A shot of Dash and Kracker laying down in the medi-beds. Dash is drooling in his sleep, and Kracker’s arm is thrown over the side of the other bed.

Marken (off-screen): Well, they’ll keep in the boxes. Anyway, you have the cold one.

Panel Four

Marken glances back at Dorian.

Marken: Feji Flakes and pom dilute!

Dorian (off-screen): Thank you. I was getting hungry.

Panel Five

Dorian slurps long strips of condensed flakes into his mouth directly from the blue box. Marken stands in front of the medi-bed where Guugel’s cocoon rests and is being monitored.

Marken: Any idea where Mara and Alix are?

Dorian: Can’t say. Maybe they’re hanging out in town or something.

Panel Six

Marken stares pensively at Guugel’s cocoon. Behind him, we see Dorian still eating, sitting on his rolling stool. Kasso also appears to be eating from a purple box. Lunchtime is going strong.

Marken: I hope so. They have been a bit at odds of late.

Dorian: No kidding?

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