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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 20

Hello, and welcome back to Cosmic Dash. This is Vol. 4, Ep. 3, “Ladies’ Fight,” page 20, or using the canon numbering system, CD4.3.20. My apologies about the month-long hiatus. There was a death in my family and here was a lot on my plate to manage regarding that. I lost my Grandmother on the 3rd of June, but her health had already precititously declined in April, so this has been hanging over me for a while.

But hey, we’re back. I am hoping to keep up the production schedule again so we won’t have another delay for a good, long while. Admittedly some of this page feels a bit wonky to me, but I also realize I had a lot going on while working on it and I just need to keep on moving.

Not too much in the way for updates beyond this page, here. Everything kind of fell apart for a couple of weeks and when I wasn’t managing things I also was plugging away and freelancing because bills tend not to care if you’re grieving.

That said, the podcasting did hit a couple of delays, but has been going strong. Supernatural Selection is still at it, and our spinoff show, The Distraction Hole, has been a ton of fun as well. I’ll probably have more to say next week.

The history of the hover-bike

I am not sure if I mentioned the origins of the Lucky Strike II hover-bike already, but I figure I can cover that how. The bike actually orginated as a scooter that Kracker purchased in a hurry in the mini-novella, Signing Bonus. Note that I plan on remastering that novella and putting it on the Cosmic Dash Blog, just like I am currently doing with Pause & Effect.

From there, Dash and Kracker began to modify the scooter into something a little faster. We can see them actively working on the bike at the beginning of volume four in the first issue, “Special Delivery.” The bike is a project the two of them took on together as Kracker is obsessed with racing and he and Dash have always wanted to build a racer. The bike is a solid start.

We last saw the bike, and the helmet Mara is wearing, in the previous issue. Dash used it to ferry cargo with a tow-hitch to Ferrow’s Hope.

Cosmic Dash, Vol. 4, Ep. 3, “Ladies’ Fight,” pg 20 Transcript

The following is a transcript of Cosmic Dash, Vol. 4, Ep. 3, “Ladies’ Fight,” page 20.

Panel One

Illyana approaches Mara who is leaning on the hoverbike used by the crew of the Lucky Strike II. Illyana has her rifle strung over her shoulder as she approach Mara. They are just outside the edge of the colony of Ferrow’s Hope.

Mara: Is that enough gun?

Illyana: You’d be surprised how much gun you’ll need in this line of work. How long have you been doing this?

Panel Two

Mara holds a helmet in her hands as she replies to Illyana.

Mara: About three months.

Illyana (off-screen): Is that all?

Panel Three

Illyana is at the trunk of the hover-bike. Mara is sitting on it, glancing back over the seat at Illyana.

Illyana: Not a judgment or anything. Hey, three months doing this is plenty. It’s hard to juggle this stuff.

Panel Four

Mara glances back at Illyana. Ilyyana has removed a helmet from the trunk and holds it in her hands.

Mara: Don’t like keeping secrets?

Illyana: Do you?

Panel Five

Mara and Illyana are sitting on the hover-bike, Mara in the front, and Illyana sitting behind her, holding onto Mara’s shoulders. They both have their helmets on.

Mara: You’re pretty easy to talk to when you and your crew aren’t trying to rob us.

Illyana: Let’s just get through this job before I decide to call us besties.

Panel Six

The hover-bike with the two women blasts off into the distance.

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  1. Thorfinn
    Thorfinn June 23, 2023

    Don’t sweat it abut the delays – I lost a family member (my mother’s sister) myself during the same period, so I know how distracting it is

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