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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 2

We are back this week with a new page of Cosmic Dash: Volume 4 Episode 3“Ladies Fight,” catching up with Dash after the events of the last issue. We see he is now in a sling, his eye is still patched, and apparently, there is a little facial hair growth going on. He hasn’t left the med bay yet.

We’ll cover updates, and the setting, and provide the page transcript.

Cosmic Dash Updates

First off, have you checked out the latest update of We’re still learning about Kracker’s childhood which will have some connections to the current issue. For now, we’re getting to understand his parents and the environment in which he was raised. Be sure to check the page out. update notice - not about the med bay

Regarding other updates:

  • I’ve not been able to sit down and write an update to “The Trench,” but hope to do so next week. Fingers crossed. I have been doing a lot of freelancing which has been eating my time.
  • Not a whole lot of free time for sketching, either. Sorry.
  • The Cosmic Dash archives on ComicFury and The Duck and now on a one-to-one schedule with the Tapas and Webtoon archives. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be archive updates, so bookmark your site of choice if you want to help me out a bit.
  • I will need to play catch up with the Tumblr archive, unfortunately.
  • Other updates soon, I hope. In the meantime, check out the new installments of Fang & Mist.

On the Med Bay

One thing that I always feel like I need to apologize for, but I probably shouldn’t need to, is little errors in the comic such as layout and details cycling in or out. A lot of it involves me still coming to terms with the layout of locations and what the design choices I made on certain objects were. The Med Bay is a great example of that. I do work from a loose blueprint I sketched out, but I don’t have a 3D model or anything like that. I end up coming up with backgrounds on a page-by-page basis, working from a basic layout sketch and referencing panels.

Sometimes new things slip in. Sometimes it is just an issue of wanting to add visual interest, and other times I have an idea for some functionality I may want to use later. Case in point: at the foot of each medical bed I added a small panel below the mattress. My idea is that it might be a drawer that keeps sterile tools for emergency procedures so something is always on hand. Might it play out later? Who knows? The thing is, I just added those on this page. They haven’t appeared in prior shots.

I do not intend to go back and add them in, but if you notice things like that, I hope you can see how it may happen. Likewise, if small features vanish, sometimes things are overlooked.

Nobody has said anything about any of this, really, but it’s always something I worry about.

Cosmic Dash Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 2 Transcript

Here is the transcript for Cosmic Dash Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 2, a page set in the med bay.

Panel One

A shot of the outside of the Med Bay from the Cargo Bay.

Caption: Med Bay, Lucky Strike II

Panel Two

Dash is sitting in the medibed, having a conversation with Dorian.

Dorian: “So at the very least, several dramatic contusions, a fractured wrist, and while I was able to set the orbital wall in place you’re going to have weakened vision for at least a couple of weeks and you’ll need to wear a setting-clip.”

Dash: “Oh, is that all?”

Panel Three

Dorian ribs the tablet from Dash’s lap.

Dorian: “And you need to rest, Dash!”

Dash: “Hey! My tablet!”

Dorian: “I will drug you if I have to.”

Panel Four

Dorian keeps the tablet out of Dash’s reach. Dash looks harried.

Dash: “I need something, Dorian, to distract me from-”

Panel Five

We see the seed pod where Guugel is currently comatose. Dash looks upset. Dorian tries to reassure Dash.

Dash: “- that.”

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