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Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 26

Thank you for checking out Cosmic Dash, Volume 4, Episode 3 – Page 26. This page takes us back to the sick bay crew we last saw on page 19 of this issue. We’ll catch up with Alix’s story later. For now we’ll deal with an injury that never properly healed.

This is the second page of the January 27th, 2024 update batch. Comics will be uploaded in batches for the foreseeable future. Please review the last page of this update batch or the State of the Comic post for 2024 for further information.


In addition to some of the prose, Kracker’s wing injuries have been discussed in the comic before. His frequent drinking can be attributed to self-medicating based on nerve pain from an injury that we can see here never quite healed properly. We also have seen some tremors.

We’ll learn more about that injury in the second installment of “Soar.”

Cosmic Dash Volume 4 Episode 3 – Page 26 Transcript

The following is a transcript for Cosmic Dash Volume 4, Episode 3 – Page 26.

Panel One

Dash is asleep in the medibed, his food container resting beside him.

Panel Two

Kracker sits at the end of a medibed, and Dorian observes his wing.

Dorian: How frequent has the shaking been?

Kracker: I’ve been getting tremors the past couple of nights.

Panel Three

Dorian extends Kracker’s wing and examines it closely.

Dorian: When was the last time you had a surgical consult?

Kracker: About a decade ago.

Dorian: That long ago?

Panel Four

Dorian expresses some cautious optimism.

Dorian: I am sure we have some options now, but…

Panel Five

Kracker folds his arms and glowers.

Kracker: Don’t do that.

Dorian (Off Screen): Hm?

Kracker: Don’t give me hope.

Panel Six

Dorian tries to be reassuring as he gestures to the scanner.

Dorian: No, of course not. But I want to take a look. Let me take a quick scan.

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