Month: April 2013

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Episode 4: Pg 5

Not much to say this week. Whoops! Be sure to check out the links page as I added some new comics to it.   This week be sure to check out One Hit Knock Out!

Episode 4: Pg 4

Boy, a bunch of new characters to introduce on this page. I’ll get some profiles up on the character guide as soon as I can. For now we have Ms. Mayden and Drakar Vadis from the “The Loneliest Genius”, and the two mantoids are the Wootari brothers: Wulg and Snix. By the way, did you know the …

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Episode 4: Pg 3

Another page, another round of spot the cameos. The character page received some more information, and there is now a storyline guide as well. I am interested in doing another character interview for the tumblr, so if you’re interested in hearing from a certain character, please let me know. I am itching to answer questions in general, …

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Episode 4: Pg 2 A (Insert)

You may remember Maxine from this story. Maxine was a character developed for the Multi-Artist eXchange by one of my besties, Reed Hawker of Culture Shock.

Episode 4: Pg 2

Howdy everyone. A few updates to share this week! First of all, I updated the New Readers Guide. It now includes a little bit more information and some nice panels to show off some of the art, as the original page didn’t have much and didn’t do enough to convey the sense of scale of …

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